Philanthropy News - October 28, 2021
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Your November Mission & Service Stories

A Step Toward Peace

eila presses carob paste thanks to new grinding equipment.
[Photo credit: DSPR]

Every step we take to support families like Leila’s brings us a step closer to peace. Thank you for your support.

Where Hope Has a Chance: Chance’s Story

Photo of a smiling Chance. He is wearing a dark blue t-shirt and glasses.
[Photo credit: Bissell Centre]

Chance was born with fetal alcohol syndrome. Mental health problems left him feeling hopeless, until he discovered the Bissell Centre. There, your generosity through Mission & Service gives hope a chance.

No Way to Treat a Child: Obaida’s Story

Photo of Obaida at sunset.
[Photo credit: DCIP/Matthew Cassel]
13,000 Palestinian children have been detained by Israeli forces and held in military detention facilities since 2000. Your Mission & Service gifts support partners to defend and promote the rights of children living in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip. Thank you!


Hope Comes in a Syringe


Photo of a doctor extracting medicine from a vial into a syringe.

[Photo credit: © UNICEF/UN0402670]

On Hope Sunday with Giving Tuesday around the corner, it’s a good time to remind folks that for many people these days, hope comes in a syringe. And Giving Tuesday is a good time to share it.

Encourage Giving the Gift of Life This Giving Tuesday

Did you know that of all the vaccines administered around the world, less than 2% reached Africa and less than 7% reached South America? Many countries in the global South and East won’t even be able to start a vaccine program until 2022!

We can help change that. 

On Giving Tuesday this November 30, we are inviting the whole church to give the gift of life. For just $25, members of your community of faith can give a life-saving, full vaccination to someone living in the global South or East. 

Watch your inbox for bulletin and newsletter announcements as well as social media posts. Check out the special Gifts with Vision vaccine gift.

Covid-19 won’t end until it ends for everyone. Thank you for your passion and care!

Boxing Day 2021 Falls on Sunday!

That’s one of the reasons why we are working to provide pastoral charges with a complete Mission & Service-oriented worship service with scripture, song suggestions, and a message that can be delivered by one worship leader or easily distributed to several. It will land in your inbox in a couple of weeks. Embrace the social justice roots of Boxing Day!

Congregational Stewardship/Generosity

This is your resource to help you grow generous disciples and gather the resources you need to do God’s mission. Please modify and use these ideas in your context.
Free Worship Resources for Epiphany

Discover Your Gifts―Share Your Gifts. Five weeks of sermons, prayers, liturgies, and children’s/youth resources for the season of Epiphany make combining worship with stewardship easy. Now available on the United Church Stewardship in Worship webpage.

To discover that you have more than enough and share all that you have is a task that calls to the church, each and every day. Over Through five weeks of worship (plus January 6, the day of the Epiphany), Discover Your Gifts—Share Your Gifts helps you and your community of faith to take a closer look at what a variety of texts have to say about gifts that are revealed to us—and what it means to share those gifts as a fundamental part of discipleship.

These worship resources were collaboratively prepared by: Catherine Stuart, Regional Minister for Children, Youth, and Young Adults in the Atlantic Regions (who lives in Riverview, New Brunswick); Evan ᓄᑎᓐ Smith, Toronto Urban Native Ministry, Shining Waters Region; Ian March-MacCuish, First United Church, Mount Pearl, NL, First Dawn Eastern Edge Region; and Matthew Fillier, Lead Minister of Bedford United Church, Bedford, NS, Region 15.

Discover your gifts. Share your gifts. It’s what disciples of Jesus do.

[Image credit: marian anbu juwan on Pixabay]

NEW and UPDATED Annual Giving Program Materials!

You want

  • to INSPIRE your congregation because they are really making a difference in people’s lives.
  • to INVITE people to join you, as you strive to change the world.
  • to say THANK YOU for the gifts people share which make it possible for you to do your mission.

You can do all three when you use Called to Be the Church for your annual giving program.

Everything you need to do it yourself can be found by visiting Called to Be the Church: The Giving Program – Do It Yourself.

OR starting in 2022, you can do your giving program with our help. Find out how we will work together toward a successful giving program by visiting Called to Be the Church: The Giving Program – Do It with Us.

Also available to order for free as a paper kit from the United Church Bookstore.

Stewardship Best Practices in Spring 2022

More cohorts of the Stewardship Best Practices module of Called to Be the Church: The Journey will be running after Easter 2022. Watch this e-newsletter for dates and times.

Stewardship Seconds, offering invitations, and offering prayers

Stewardship Seconds, offering invitations, and offering prayers for November 2021 are available on the United Church’s stewardship worship theme page. Scroll down to “Related Material” at the bottom of the page.
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