Philanthropy News - May 28, 2021
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Called to Be the Church: The Journey modules begin again in August!
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Your June Mission & Service Stories


True or false: The United Church of Canada was formed in 1925 in part so that our founding denominations could combine their finances to do more mission work in Canada and around the world. Check out this story for the answer and an overview of how Mission & Service changes lives—perfect for Anniversary Sunday! The latest Generosity Video would make a moving addition to your service.  
Photo of a senior man receiving medical care from a healthcare worker.
[Photo credit: Our Place]

“Languishing.” That’s the latest popular word to describe how many of us feel as the pandemic rolls on. COVID-19 has amplified our losses and disrupted how we grieve. Blessedly, many organizations that your Mission & Service gifts sustain provide life-saving help. Here’s one story for you to share in your service or newsletter, about how your support helps people live well through grief and loss.
The word "hope" spelled out in green paper letters, surrounded by colourful paper flowers and leaves.
[Photo credit: ORA]

Kindergarten teacher Esbikenh grew up knowing his ancestral language, but sadly, the children he taught in school didn’t. “One day I turned on YouTube and saw superhero videos. I thought, ‘Why not make these videos and we will just have all the superheroes speak in Anishinaabemowin?’” And that’s where your Mission & Service gifts come in. Share Esbikenh’s story in print and video on Indigenous Day of Prayer.
Photo of a smiling Esbikenh against a wintry background.
[Photo credit: The United Church of Canada]

Over 200 families, many of whom live in poverty, grow their own nutritious food through Mission & Service partner Fred Victor’s extensive gardens. But the food itself isn’t the only benefit of the gardening program. As Canada celebrates Multiculturalism Day today, learn more about how your gifts support gardens that not only feed people but also bring them together—and then share the story with someone you know.  
Photo of a smiling woman working in the Fred Victor garden.
[Photo credit: Melanie Gordon Photography]

NEW! Your Generosity Video 

Together, as a United Church, we raised over 26 million dollars in 2020 to help change lives in a very difficult year. Amazing! We will share a full accountability report shortly but here is a video snapshot of your generosity through Mission & Service in 2020. In a tough year, our collective heart has never been stronger! Please share the good news widely.

Congregational Stewardship/Generosity

This is your resource to help you grow generous disciples and gather the resources you need to do God’s mission. Please modify and use these ideas in your context.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
June is a great time of the year to THANK your donors. As you look forward to the summer and fall, what exciting activities are upcoming that their gifts make possible? Now is the time to thank them in advance and inspire them with your plans! PLEASE resist the temptation to turn thanking into inviting. Just thank. Don’t ask.
The group to invite is the donors who gave last year, but haven’t yet given this year. Inspiring them with the exciting plans you have for upcoming activities, or stories of activities you have already done in 2021 that help you accomplish your mission and make people’s lives better, can motivate giving. Better yet, choose inspiring stories of activities they would be interested in and invite them to take part. The more they experience your ministry, the more likely they are to support it financially. Remember, it’s all about the relationship!

Called to Be the Church: The Journey

Called to Be the Church: The Journey is a set of tailored and topical modules with coaching and ongoing support to meet your stewardship needs.

Module 1: Stewardship Best Practices will start again in August. In four two-hour online classes, dive into these vital best practices:
  • Claim Your Mission – it's really why people give to you 
  • Cultivate Generosity – practical ways to increase giving 
  • Create A Culture of Gratitude – saying “thank you” is critical 
  • Stewardship Is Discipleship – integrating stewardship in your spiritual growth programming 
Module 1 also includes a Stewardship Analysis report, customized with giving and stewardship data for you community of faith. Along with ongoing coaching and support after the four classes, the recommendations in the report will help you set solid, achievable, stewardship next steps.
Module 1: Stewardship Best Practices starts the first week of August!
This session will be open to only three communities of faith per region, so be sure to SIGN UP EARLY!
Starting: Region: Contact:
Wednesday, August 5 Northern Spirit Vicki Nelson
  Living Skies Vicki Nelson
  Prairie to Pine Vicki Nelson
Thursday, August 6 Chinook Winds Vicki Nelson
  Pacific Mountain Vicki Nelson
Thursday, September 9 Canadian Shield Melody Duncanson-Hales
Wednesday, September 8 Antler River Watershed Dave Jagger
Thursday, September 9 Western Ontario Waterways Dave Jagger
Tuesday, September 21 Eastern Ontario Outaouais Roger Janes
Wednesday, September 22 Nakonha:ka Regional Council Roger Janes
Thursday, September 23 East Central Ontario Roger Janes
Tuesday, November 2 Western Ontario Waterways Dave Jagger
  First Dawn Eastern Edge Roger Janes
Wednesday, November 3 Region 15 Roger Janes
Thursday, November 4 Fundy St. Lawrence Dawning Waters Roger Janes

Stewardship Seconds, Offering Invitations, and Offering Prayers

Stewardship Seconds, offering invitations, and offering prayers for June 2021 are available on the United Church’s stewardship worship theme page. Scroll down to “Related Material” at the bottom of the page.

If you read just one book this month:

Image of the front cover of the book, "Not your parents' offering plate".

Not Your Parents’ Offering Plate by J. Clif Christopher

Written with the needs of pastors and stewardship teams in mind, Not Your Parents’ Offering Plate provides immediate, practical guidance to all who seek to help God’s people be better stewards of their resources. Available from United Church Bookstore.
Visit the United Church’s COVID-19 page for tips and resources for members and communities of faith during the pandemic. And for help with government COVID-19 support, visit the United Church’s emergency funding page.
Your generosity enables the United Church to love, serve, and minister in the world. Make an online donation or learn more about your options to support the work of the church. 
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