May 2015 United Church Philanthropy News
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Mission & Service Update

We are not alone, we live in God’s world.

In 2015, our gifts for Mission & Service support:
Global Mission & Service: $5.5 million
86 United Church global partners, 11 global ecumenical organisations, and two overseas personnel in 24 countries

Community and Justice Work (in Canada): $3.9 million
73 community ministries, 38 chaplaincies, 20 ecumenical advocacy and interfaith organisations

Theological Education and Ministry Support (in Canada): $2.6 million
Theological education and ministry support at seven theological schools and two education centres

Faith Formation (in Canada): $7.8 million
Faith formation and developing leadership for broad ministry including Vision Fund initiatives for youth ministry

Support to Local Congregations (in Canada): $6.2 million
Grants for 85 pastoral charges in transition or in remote locations

Conference Leadership (in Canada): $3.8 million
Leadership in all 13 Conferences
Total 2015 Mission & Service budget: $29.8 million

Together, we support ongoing ministries and sustain trusted partnerships for the healing of God’s world.

[Art: Jer Thorp, Flickr (CC BY 2.0)]

Called to Be the Church

With A New Creed as the core theme, Called to Be the Church is a five-week, fully integrated “plug and play” congregational and Mission & Service giving program, complete in one package and easy to use.

The Called to Be the Church program kit will be delivered to every congregation in The United Church of Canada for use through 2016. Look for a mailing introducing Called to Be the Church in early July, followed by a resource package in September. 

Social Innovation Challenge

The Social Innovation Challenge is coming to Toronto on June 26 and 27. This event is an exciting new way to encourage innovation in our work by bringing together change makers, mentors, and funders all focused on bettering society.
EDGE: A Network for Ministry Development is co-sponsoring the Social Innovation Challenge along with the Church in Mission Unit and The United Church of Canada Foundation
Ideas should focus on one or more of the following areas: economic, social, environmental and spiritual. In the words of Rob Dalgliesh, Executive Director of EDGE, “For those seeking to be part of ministry innovation, the Social Innovation Challenge offers rich opportunities for learning, partnerships, mentorship and funding."
Events will also be held in eastern Canada in August, and in western Canada in the fall. Please encourage ministry innovators you know to take part.  

Gifts of Stocks and Mutual Funds

A gift of publicly listed securities such as stocks and mutual funds can be a good way to make donations to organizations you care about. The bonus is that you do not have to pay taxes on capital gains of donated stocks and mutual funds, so your tax credit goes farther.
You can make a gift of stocks or mutual funds to support your congregation, Mission & Service, or an Endowment Fund lodged with the Foundation, as well as any United Church related organization or Canadian registered charity whose mission and goals are aligned with those of the church.
Email The United Church Foundation or see the Foundation website for more information.

Overcoming the “Post-Pentecost Slump”

Deb Hopper, Financial Development Officer for London Conference, writes, “I used to be almost as excited at Pentecost as I was at Christmas because I knew that soon summer holidays would begin. We all, I think, feel that way at this time of year. It’s like being free; we feel lighter somehow, we relax our busy schedules, and our stress level seems to go down a notch.
“I suspect this is true for everyone except your church treasurer. Your church treasurer has volunteered to oversee the church finances, including the payment of bills and salaries. This can be quite stressful if your church experiences a summer cash-flow slump.”
Find timely suggestions on how to help your church avoid this annual pitfall on the Stewardship Toolkit website.  

[Photo: Ron Bulovs, Flickr (CC BY 2.0)]


In the April 2015 issue of God's Mission Our Gifts, the item “The United Church of Canada Foundation takes the worry out of investing” stated that the 2014 return on Foundation investments was 14.7 percent when in fact that was the 2013 rate. The 2014 rate was 10.92 percent.
Your generosity enables the United Church to love, serve, and minister in the world. Make an online donation here or learn more about your options to support the work of the church. 
The Stewardship Toolkit offers resources developed for and by congregational and community leaders of The United Church of Canada and other denominations. 
New Book: Loonie: Crazy Talk about Faith and Finance. Available from
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