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Team LW updates

2016 is storming along. Our LW team has been winning national championships, setting course records and smashing all sorts of goals!

We have an interview with our amazing #LWAthete Chris Plesko who crushed Tour Divide on a single-speed, placing 2nd overall and setting a new single-speed course record! Read about his experience training and racing.

Want magic legs on race day? Read on to learn how to execute your taper workouts correctly to hit your peak race on fire.

This month our featured training plan is our Weight Loss and Base Training Plan. Who is this plan for? Why and when should you follow it to bust out into 2017 racing on a new level?
Chris Plesko enroute to setting a new Tour Divide Single-Speed course record
This season we were pumped to watch #LWAthlete Chris Plesko storm across the country on his single-speed racing the 2,745-mile Tour Divide from Banff, Canada to the Mexican border at Antelope Wells, NM. Chris already owned the SS course record which he set in 2009. This time he finished a phenomenal 4 days faster in 15 days, 8 hours, and 1 minute. We were so pumped watching his tracker during the race seeing how fast and steady he was riding! Here are some words from Chris about his preparation, challenges and race. 

Coach Lynda: You smashed the course record! What was your goal for the race?
Chris: My goal was to dip under 16 days so that I would be faster than Jefe's 2011 time and Cjell's border to border runs (both unofficial times). Things went pretty well overall and I finished in 15 days, 8 hours, and 1 minute.

Coach Lynda: When you decided to make a comeback to break your record, was it hard to get started up again?  >>READ MORE>>
Execute race week taper workouts to nail your peak
Masters 40+ mountain bike training

Arriving at the start line of your goal event in peak form demands a lot of hard work and dedicated training. Correctly executing the final race-week workouts is an essential ingredient to the peaking recipe. The hard work of the prior months is in the bank; in this final week the goals are to stay sharp while releasing any remaining fatigue. This is done by reducing training volume while keeping intensity and frequency near recent levels.

Getting the intensity right in these shorter workouts can be tricky. You’re feeling great as you taper into race day. Add to that excitement for your fast approaching event and it becomes easy to go too hard. Stick to the planned intensity! Going over target will make for tired legs on race day. Save your PRs for your event.


Here is a race week workout from the Masters 40+ Cross Country Build, Peak and Race Plan for 5 days out from race day: >>READ MORE>>

Featured plan: Weight Loss and Base training plan for mountain bike racers
Why focus on weight loss during base training? #1 reason is you will climb hills faster. Mountain bike races are nearly always hilly! You have more to gain from getting leaner than just becoming a billy goat climber. Racing as a leaner athlete will allow you to shed heat more easily and perform better on hot days. You are more agile on the bike without excess weight. Muscle carries more water per pound than fat thus leaner athletes have a larger reserve to draw from on race day before the negative effects of dehydration hit. Lean and light is fast.

Our Weight loss and base training program is designed for athletes who want to achieve the double goal of losing weight and building an aerobic base for mountain bike racing. We recommend this plan for men who have 12 or more pounds and women who have 7 or more pounds to lose to reach their ideal race weight. This training plan can be stacked with any cross country build, peak and race plan, or any endurance training plan to prepare and peak for your goal race. 
Enter your goals and race dates into our plan finder app to learn which LW Coaching training plan you need to smash your goals.
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