Dual Universe Newsletter - 02 September 2016

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The Countdown Has Begun!

Dear community members,

You have been more and more to follow us during the past two months: you are now more than 22.000 to read our newsletter and many among you asked when we will launch our crowdfunding campaign. Well, the time has come to reveal the date and we are almost there: 

Our Kickstarter will launch on Wednesday, the 7th of September 2016!

For those who are still wondering why we are going the crowdfunding road, here is the short answer: while we are an indie studio which has been helped by business angels, to make a game with the scope of Dual Universe, we need to raise more funds. 

The more backing we will have, the stronger we will be, and the more independent we can remain: either by having the game entirely funded by the community, or simply by making us stronger in negotiations with third parties. Help us to stay as independant as possible and to deliver what we want: a great sandbox MMO experience! 

Spread the word!


We need you to talk about Dual Universe to your friends and family. The whole point of an MMO game is to share a collective experience. And our game is meant to be unique. To make things easier on social media, we launched a Thunderclap campaign. 

Support us on social media by clicking here!

What is it? By joining that campaign, you authorize a one-time message to be posted on a specific date on your Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr account. It would help to make people know about Dual Universe and the Kickstarter campaign!
Click here to learn more about this Thunderclap campaign! It's very simple. 

Meet Novaquark's Founder! 


Jean-Christophe Baillie (Novaquark's Founder) is currently attending Pax West (Seattle, USA). If you are there… then you have the opportunity to be among the first to see publicly the "work in progress" from a pre-alpha build version of Dual Universe at the booth 6816, Level 6!


Spaceship Building Gameplay!

We also released a new gameplay video yesterday to celebrate the PAX event, explaining the basics to build a small spaceship from scratch (of course, the gameplay is not final, but it should already give you a fair idea of the building gameplay and the possibilities behind it).
Dual Universe DevDiary - Spaceship Building Gameplay

Massively Multiplayer Tech Demo

Earlier this month, during Gamescom, we also released a Tech Demo Preview showcasing the Massively Multiplayer scalable Technology behind Dual Universe. This is still early "work in progress" and the first video of several showing how we are going to handle massively multiplayer interaction in Dual Universe. In this video, we made a stress test by gathering a lot of characters in a small area on a planet (with players simulated by automated clients connecting to the server through Internet network). In the future, we will show high concentration of constructs moving in the same zone, then more complex interactions in a crowded area.
Dual Universe DevDiary - Massively Multiplayer Server Technology

What’s next?

Exceptionally, we will send you next week a Newsletter dedicated to the Kickstarter to give you more info on what you can expect from the crowdfunding campaign. We are an independent studio and to remain so, to be able to continue developing our game vision as we intend to, we definitely need your help!

That's all for now. 
See you soon on the Kickstarter and social media!

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