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Hi! How you DUing? Healthy, happy, and enjoying Dual Universe, we hope! Grab a cup of your favorite beverage, and we’ll fill you in on what we’ve been up to since our last newsletter.

Quickly on the heels of August’s Apollo (0.26) update, Ares (0.26.12) was launched on September 20th, becoming the fifth major update we’ve released this year. 

Largely focused on PvP, Ares was a follow-up to some of the new features and balancing that were introduced in Apollo. It also included additional content intended to evoke more strategic gameplay as pilots weigh their options and make critical decisions that could make the difference between victory and defeat. 
  • Core combat stress: In conjunction with core unit destruction, core combat stress gives weapons another way for all that firepower to bring down the opposing construct. 
  • Shields v2: A follow-up to Shields v1 introduced in the Apollo update, this iteration on shields added adjustable resistance and venting to give them more depth. 
  • Warp drive improvements: Adjustments to warp drives were made in order to encourage pilots to employ a higher level of strategy. 
  • Docking and boarding revamp: The docking and boarding revamp gave players the controls they needed to prevent unwanted stowaways. 

Discover in-depth details in the Inside Ares Part 1 and Part 2 devblogs.

This video will give you a high-level overview of the key features of both Apollo and Ares:
Following the Ares release, we invited the DU community to submit their questions about Apollo and Ares. Sesch, general manager of Novaquark’s Montreal studio, joined forces with Pann (senior community manager) and the oft-teased but universally loved Live Ops Specialist Deckard to answer those questions. 
Now in production, the Demeter update is slated for release this Fall. Planned features include automated mining through the use of mining units players can place on the territories they own as well as a revamp of the Territory Management system. We’ll be serving up some Demeterlicious devblogs soon.


Lua is a real programming language that can be used in Dual Universe to bring dynamics and interactivity, whether it is to fly a ship made in voxels or control your doors. Lua is everywhere, and we’re making it even more valuable with new ways to use it. This two-part devblog details the changes 👇

(Part 2 will be published the week of October 11th.)


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Docking and Boarding Tutorial by RobRantz
Emperator Ship Tour by Marcus Gibson
Ore acquisition, Warp Core factory Build - MarkeeDragon
Friday Night Racing! - AngryDadGaming



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