In the US, performers aren't paid for radio play...yet.
David Byrne Journal
I wrote previously about this issue—that in the U.S., unlike most other countries, performers don’t get paid when their work is played on radio. Many of us think this is a good time to change that. There’s a petition going around (the link to it should work this time) and at least one organization involved. (It’s called CCC-NYC.)

There is an event that has been organized at Le Poisson Rouge on Feb. 25th to rally support for this issue. Some of us will play songs that are identified with specific performers and bands that never saw money from all the radio play they got (since they didn’t write the songs). I’ll be doing a version of “Just a Friend,” which is identified with Biz Markie.

Mr. Markie didn’t write that tune (although he did probably write the rap). The drum and keyboard loop was lifted from a Freddie Scott recording, but the song was written by Gamble and Huff, the great songwriting team that wrote for The O’Jays and The Spinners. So chances are Biz Markie didn’t see any royalties from all the radio play that song got.

There will be a handful of other performers interspersed with short bits of infotainment.

Free tickets that you can get from RSVPing here might be near capacity, but even if you can’t go, please sign the petition.


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