Bali Life News December 2016
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October - December 2016

We're ten years old!

In October we celebrated our 10th anniversary. We are so grateful to each and every individual who has partnered with us during the past ten years. From volunteers, teams, teachers and trainers for children and staff, sponsors, donations of finances and possessions. We cannot have done this without you all. Bali Life celebrated with performances from children from the children's home and street centre, dinner together, and speeches from our directors and founders. Thank you to all who made it to our celebration, especially those who made the trip from overseas. We are so grateful to have you as part of Bali Life Family. The Toads and the Jungle Jam Band

Thank you Adrian Penny and your amazing team for coming to Bali Life and performing in all of our departments. Our Children's Home, Harapan Bunda, Street Centre and Suwung Community Centre were all filled with energy and excitement as you brought fun times. This was a great opportunity for us to be able to reach into the communities in a new and fun way. Thank you for all the fun, smiles and energy you brought with you. Boys Surf Camp and Girls Night In

Thanks to KRIK for taking our boys for an overnight stay in your villa. The boys had an awesome time camping and going surfing with you all in Canggu.

The girls also enjoyed their overnight stay having make overs, time at the beach and swimming in the villa pool. Cataract Surgery

During October we were able to help more than 400 people by giving them Free Eye Check Ups, Free Lenses, and also a Free Cataract Operation for 12 people. They are now able to see after their operations. In addition to services helping in Ungasan community where our children's home is located, we also were able to extend these services to the area of Suwung where our new community centre is located and serve some of the most needed people in the Island of Bali.
Big Thanks to InterContinental Hotel Group Foundation who supported this project, to the local community and officials who made this happen and also to The John Fawcett Foundation staff and Doctors who kindly served the community. Let's help more people in the future. Farewell Joar Maeland

In December we farewelled Joar Maeland. Joar came from Norway and helped out in many different areas of Bali Life for 9 months. Joar helped with teaching, joining our kids for surfing, and being general helping hands. Joar, you made a great impact with us as you spent time with everyone. Thank you for your time and service to Bali Life. Futsal Champions

Three of our boys had the opportunity to compete in their school futsal competition for grades 1-3. Their team won first ranking in their competition. It is great to see the kids achieve greatness in something they enjoy. Relay Race Competition

Igo's class participated in a family relay race. Ibu Desi and Pak Rio joined Igo in the competition with his other classmates and their families. Igo was shocked and proud as he won first prize. Well done Igo! Christmas Celebrations

Thanks to all who give our children a wonderful Christmas with many opportunities to showcase their talents and performances.

Thank you Karma Kandara for inviting our children and staff to your villa in Uluwatu Resort and giving our primary school kids the opportunity for a fun day out swimming in your pool, having fun at the beach, superhero visits and on Christmas Eve giving our children the chance to perform and blessing them with Christmas gifts.

Thank you Grand Hyatt's for hosting our children from Children's Home and Suwung for an evening out, chance to meet Santa and also a chance to perform and show their talents.

Thank you Laguna Resort and Spa Nusa Dua for giving some of our children the opportunity to dance in your Christmas celebration. Farm

Our farm is continually flourishing with much production of vegetables for our foundation to continue self-sustained. Thanks to Nick Bode, we also have 150 new egg layers. It is great to have the chickens again and supplying eggs daily for our children.
Suwung Community Centre

Suwung Community Centre is set and rolling. Each day we get an average of twenty children come into the centre for after school lessons in English, science, mathematics, sports and arts & crafts. Women who work in the dump site also join regularly for lessons about sports, English and health. Medical Check Ups

We were blessed to have Peter and Sarah Saunders visit Bali Life from Coffs Harbour. Peter is a doctor and Sarah works in support services. They spent a week giving our women and children medical check ups in Suwung Community Centre as well as in the Street Centre. They provided advice, medication and cleaned any open wounds to prevent infection spreading. Sarah was also able to give some pointers and tips for helping some of our children with special needs. Thanks so much for your practical support and services. Food and Hygiene Donations

Thanks to the Social Department, the children and families of Suwung were able to take home packets of food and hygiene products. Donations of basic needs go a long way in supporting families and lifting the financial stress off parents for providing for their children from struggling backgrounds. Community Christmas Celebrations

SCC celebrated Christmas together. The children were blessed with gifts for their community. Some children were also able to perform some Christmas song and dance for all to enjoy.

We had another celebration with Maranatha Denpasar Crew. Games, Puppet Show and Donations were the highlights of the day.

Children from Suwung Community Centre were also invited to join a Christmas Celebration at Grand Hyatt's Hotel with the Children's Home children. It was a fun evening sharing in performances, fun and celebrations.
Thank you so much to all who invited our children to share in these events. Street Centre

Street Centre continues flourishing with many women working in our workshop and children coming to learn and play in a safe environment. We welcome Yuliana to our team this term as Fani transitioned to teach as Suwung Community Centre. Yuli has had three years experience teaching children, including children with special needs. Yuli has proved a blessing to our team as she adds to our program and invests in our children. Social Department

In November, the Social Department came to our centre. We had 70 children and twenty-five parents from Kuta and Denpasar come to our centre. Parents joined their seminar learning good caregiving skills and the importance of working and education. The children joined activities outdoors making craft together. Each family also went home with a gift pack of daily needs and each child also received a backpack and school supplies.

In December the children were invited out again to Bali Zoo. This was a fantastic opportunity for our children to learn about different animals, see an animal performance with many different talented animals. The children learned how animals also have feelings, teaching them to be empathetic towards animals. After the performance, all the kids loved the chance to jump into the zoo swimming pool and have fun in the water together before lunch. Thanks Dinas Sosial for providing our children with many opportunities and support. Stones Legian

We would like to thank one of our valued supporters, Stones Restaurant for inviting our children to your restaurant. Kids got the opportunity to try foods cooked by chefs from around the world. Some kids loved the new food, some were a bit wary of different flavours. This was such an opportunity for our children to try something new. Bali Island School
Bali Island School continues supporting us in many ways. In October they held their annual bazaar. Our women had the opportunity to sell some items in a market stall and promote the handicrafts they create. Some of our children were also able to join and have some fun with the jumping castle, basketball and soccer games.
In December BIS brought a team of students to our Street Centre. Students ate lunch with our children, learned about our centre and spent time with our kids teaching them and giving them a fun afternoon. 

Thank you also Carina for sponsoring Larsan to join a week-long soccer camp in December. Anyone who has visited Bali Life Street Centre knows Larsan and his passion for soccer, it was fantastic for him to have this opportunity to play and get training with other kids of similar passions. He was also awarded the Best Player Certificate in his age group. Way to Go Larsan! Volunteers and Visitors
We'd like to extend our personal thanks and gratitude to all who have come to visit and volunteer their time and skills to Bali Life Street Centre this term. Each week our students have been blessed through the investment of many people who come to help, teach and share with them.

Thank you Matthis for coming each week and getting creative with our kids, encouraging their creative side, not being afraid to make a mess with them, and teaching them the importance of cleaning up together afterwards. It's a joy for the kids to have you with them, down on their level.

Thank you also Yani for coming and getting active with our kids. Especially our younger kids. We love your program, energy and the way you made sport and movement fun for our kids.

Thank you Anna for coming and stretching yourself and your skills as you teach our children new skills for drawing and art. It's great to see some of the artwork our children are able to come up with as you guide and encourage them.

Thank you also to Ingvild, Mona, Silje, Therese and Marte coming all the way from Norway and helping out with teaching our children, mums and staff, cleaning, being helping hands whenever and wherever available and spending time with the kids, women and staff.

Thank you to Rino, Sisi and the amazing teams from FLUX who come twice a month and run activities with our kids - cooking, photography, music, dance and more. Our kids love the chance to learn with you all.
Thank you to GBI ROCK Nakula for inviting our women and children to your Christmas service. 70 families from Denpasar, Kuta and Suwung were blessed by your generosity and gift-packs of daily needs with over 150 people attending the service. Street Centre Christmas Party

Thank you to KRIK teams for putting together an amazing day for our Women's Workshop and Street Centre Kids. It was a treat for everyone to go to your villa for the day. The kids loved the chance to swim in the pool, play games, win prizes and women and children alike enjoyed the Christmas card making and delicious lunch provided. Upon return to the centre, kids asked when they'd get a chance to visit again. They truly did enjoy their time with you all. Thank you also for providing a "Santa" and gifts for each of them. Christmas on the Streets

Many women and children who Bali Life serve live in the area of Kuta. This location makes it too far for them to attend our centre regularly, but we still wanted to bring them Christmas cheer. Six days before Christmas, we took a team down to Kuta Beach to visit the women and children. We were able to hand each child a gift pack, share stories and play games together. Huge thanks to KRIK and Joar Maeland for sponsoring this event. Training Centre

Our latest project is up and running. Our Training Centre will enable us to open up training workshops to our children in the children's home and the local community, offer additional training with micro-finance schemes, host community events, chapel, and training facilities, which enable us to expand our current training workshop programme. We also plan to open a playgroup and kindergarten which will be able to support the community and also support the foundation and the building to be self sustained. This phase is almost half funded, please check the link below for more information and how you can contribute with donations of finances and items needed for completing this centre. Acknowledgements

Bali Life Foundation couldn't be where it is today without the generosity of our many friends, partners, sponsors and supporters. We appreciate everyone who comes into Bali Life with gifts of time, skills, and donations. Whilst we cannot mention everyone, we'd like to extend a special thank you to the following:

ACC International Relief
Alila Villas Uluwatu
Blue Illusion
C3 Hepburn Heights
Dextra Partners
Dinas Sosial Kabupaten Badung
Habitat 5
Harapan Bunda
InterContinental Bali Resort
Integrity New Homes
Jaya Pratama Teknik
Karma Kandara
Little Miracles Childcare for putting on a fundraiser with Events for Change in the Central Coast and raising over $16K in AUD to go towards our Training Centre.
Sarah Jellard for fundraising for Bali Life from the UK.
We also want to appreciate our sponsors who come alongside us through our scholarship scheme, helping bring education to children across all areas of Bali Life Foundation.
Alexander Ressos, Andreas & Ladina Feller, Annabel Deane, Anthony Smith, Bennet Brown, Blair & Kelly Muldoon, Chris & Marita Leifheit, Cheryl & Michael Basha, Cosmeston Church, C3 Hepburn Heights, Cherish Woodhams, David Gaunt, Denise & Andrew Hodgson, Erik Van Leer, Georgia Mandarino, Helene Ogaard, Geoff & Christine Graham, Hamish & Julie Bohannan, Herbert Kronenberg, Ingelin Minde, Jayde Roddis, Johan & Arlita Lazaruto, Joshua & Melissa Hagenaar, Julie Margaret Davis, Jillian D Price, Kym Upton,Drs. Ketut Budiartha, Lena Ryman, Lexy Lane, Lynn & Col Campbell, Marcel Chollet, Michael O'Rourke, Michael & Helen Clay, Michael Wiersma, Neil & Elle Brooks, Nina Eines Maeland, Nicholas & Ashleigh Brown, Paul & Sue Crocker, Pilgrim School, PTFA Bali International School, Dr. Renate Brosch, Rotary Club Bali Nusa Dua, Solvor Maeland, Steinar Saltbones, Tracey Casari, Verena Von Schlenk, Zach Anymousy, Mark Robinson, Neil & Elle Brooks, The Yada Project, Steinar Saltbones, Drs. I Ketut Budiartha, MSi., Ak, CPA., Torrens Valley Christian School, Travis Dettinger, Georgia Mandarino, David Gaunt, Emma Femminile, C3 Hepburn Heights, Solvor Maeland, Nina Maeland, Ingelin Minde, Jill Price, Hannah Maria Fjellheim, Karstein Fjelheim, Lena Ryman, Johan & Lita Lazaruto, Murray McMillan, Canggu Community School, Khaled Bouharrour, Michael Wiersma, Tristan Harvey, Kiwanis International, Harrison, Marcel L Chollet,  Benny & Jado, Suhasni, BOA Jakarta, Jo & Mic Riddle, Ian Duell, Julie & Steve Duffy, Georgia, The Wings Trust, Chris & Geoff Graham, Emma Femminille, Bali Mission Team Adelaide, Beatrice Long, OM Mission team, Rachael Dobra, Shenaaz Moosa, Jan French, Intercontinental Hotel Group Foundation (UK) Trust, Amanda O'Connor
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