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July - September 2015
Welcome to our New Children
Foundation Award
Medical Check Ups
Bali Fun World
Reptile Visit
Mount Batur
Little Miracles
Family Seminar
Art and Pampering Day
Independence Day
Hope Valley Uniting
Women's Centre
Education for Community Children
Logan Women's Centre
English, Sewing, and Computer Classes
Street Centre School
Women's Workshop
Becoming Environmentally Aware
Swimming Time
Friends and Partners
Welcome to our New Children
Since July, our children's home has grown to thirty-nine children. We welcome Zera, Asento, Reno and Arjun to our home. The children are settling in well with their new brothers and sisters, growing in confidence and smiles as they feel more at home with everyone. If you would be interested in supporting these children through our scholarship scheme, please send an email to for more information.
We are humbled to announce that Bali life Foundation won the Best Foundation in Bali and also one of the Prestigious Foundation in Indonesia from the Social Ministry Department. Thank you to all our supporters who get behind us and help us to achieve this, helping those in need in Bali and Indonesia. 
We are so grateful for Bali Kids bringing their medical team to our Children's Home and Street Centre to check our children's health on a regular basis. The children are given general check ups, dental checks, vitamins for extra health. Thank you Bali Kids.
Bali Fun World
In July, the children from Children’s Home, Women’s Centre and Street Centre were all invited out to Bali Fun World through a generous supporter. The kids enjoyed a fun day of exciting activities climbing up blow-up rock walls, jumping on the trampolines, and making their way through many various obstacles making up competitions as they liked. It was a great day watching the kids from all our programs connecting with each other and building friendships as they played and spent time together.
In July, our head farmer, Pak Jen, travelled home for Idul Fitri (Muslim Holiday) with his family. Five of our older boys were blessed to be included on this trip, accompanied by Pak Rio and other staff. It was a long trip in the bus to the west of Bali where we rode on a ferry then drove a few hours again to Pak Jen’s village where we were then welcomed with Javanese hospitality by all. This means lots of food always on offer. The teenager boys were quite at home with this hospitality service. This was a great adventure for some of the kids who had never left the island of Bali and do not often get to go on holidays. During the four day holiday, the boys were able to see different places of Indonesia and we were also able to visit Richard and Dicky’s relatives in east Java before heading back to Bali.
While some of the boys were visiting Java, the children’s home had their own special visitors. Eduard and Olga arranged for Bali Reptile Rescue to come with reptiles to visit with our children. Children and staff alike seemed a bit hesitant at first but finally most took turns to touch or hold the snakes and ended the visit not so afraid of reptiles, and many happy photos for memories, learning all about snakes.
Our Children’s Home kids took a day trip to hike one of the famous hiking spots in Bali, Mount Batur in the eastern mountains. They all enjoyed the climb followed by a swim in the hot springs together. The kids all supported each other climbing and having a great time together. The view at the top was absolutely amazing and breath-taking.
Thank you again to Little Miracles for coming diligently to Bali Life. The kids love learning English with you all at their school. Your reading program is helping even our newest children to gain confidence with their English skills and reading practice. Thank you for all the resources you bring with you to add to our English programs. The girls also enjoyed their time of pampering with you at your villa. Thank you also for the new play ground you donated. The kids are having an amazing time every day playing on it together. Can’t wait for your next visit to see what else we can learn from you.
In August we had a seminar from ACCR talking about children's attachment and development in families. It was a beneficial time for all our staff, learning new ways to care for our children in all the areas of Bali Life. Since then, staff have been able to use some key points and practices to know and meet the individual children's needs. Thank you Mick Pease for coming and spending your time with us and sowing into our staff
Mount Anan Christian College came and treated our children’s home with a day of art. The children enjoyed developing new art techniques and creating colourful paintings. The girls were also blessed with some pampering from your team. Thank you for your time and talents spent on our children.
On 17th August, Indonesia Celebrated their Independence day. This day is usually celebrated with traditional competitions and family time. This year, our children's home were invited to spend the day at the beach with one of our supporters. Thank you for an amazing time together.
Hope Valley Uniting team came and visited our Children’s Home and Street Centre again. They put their skills to hard work helping create some trenches in the Children’s Home and levelling out the land at the Street Centre to protect our homes from flooding when rainy season comes again. Thank you Hope Valley Uniting for all your hard work and commitment with Bali Life.
We welcome Novita to our Children's Home. Novi comes every Saturday morning from Denpasar to teach our children English. The children are growing in their English and enjoy their lessons with her. Thank you Novi for your time and sharing your skills with Bali Life.
We had a teary farewell for Daniela who has spent the past twelve months teaching our children in Harapan Bunda School, teaching at the community classes, and helping in the Women’s Centre and Street Centre and Street Ministry with our children each week. Everyone will miss you Aunty Daniela and hope for all the best as you settle back into life in Germany and hope for success as you continue your studies again.
Farewell also to Elli who came and helped teach at Harapan Bunda, helped with the Women’s Centre, and joined our street ministry team each week. Thank you for your time with us and connecting to our children these past six months and supporting us. Good luck with your continued studies in Germany.
Reja has been volunteering her time with the Street Centre and Monday night Street Ministry for the past six months. Reja has been an asset to our team, teaching English to the teenagers, reading and mathematics to the younger students, and building relationships with children and mums. Thank you Reja for being part of our foundation, all the best for your time back home and for your future.
Lots of good things continue happening every week at the Women's Centre. During the past three months we have continued to reach women and children in our local community and support the widow and her three children living in the house.
Lelyta, our first live in widow has now gained a permanent position at the Intercontinental Hotel. Ibu Ina, who has been washing dishes for many months at El Kabron, has now been promoted to pastry making with an increase in her monthly income.
Education for Community Children
This year, the Women’s Centre has been able to support two community children, thanks to the generosity of one of our sponsors. Risky and Louis were coming to classes twice a week at the Women’s Centre as their parents could not afford to send them to school. After people became aware of the situation, one woman offered to support both boys! They are now attending a local school and doing well in their class.
We have established a Memorandum of Agreement with Logan Women's Centre in Queensland, which means we are working together as “sister services”. On Sue’s last trip to Australia, they donated children’s and women’s clothing as well as ten mobile phones. We really value their support.
English, Sewing and Computer Classes
We now have two children’s English classes with two different volunteers helping out. Suzanne and Auke both from Holland have both very kindly given their time to run the classes with lots of laughter and activities. We also have Karina from Australia who goes to our Bayu Asri community of women to teach English. Olga, from Russia is also teaching our live in widow English twice a week.
The women’s sewing class is producing some colourful cushion covers. We have already sold some and hope to make this an area where the women can begin to earn some income. Susan, an Indonesian volunteer has been instructing them and also showing them how to make bags from recycled plastic.
Verdy, a local volunteer takes our computer classes. Here the women are learning basic computer skills to help with future employment opportunities.
Many, many thanks go to all of our volunteers who put so much time and effort into the Women’s Centre. We are so grateful for all of our volunteers and supporters.
Street Centre School
This month we welcome Joy to our Centre. Joy has been studying teaching and will complete his degree this year. Joy comes in three days a week to impart into our students, helping them gain their education certificates to bridge into formal education and pave their way to a brighter future. We had a computer donated to us from Hero and Leo, and the older students are now also learning to use a computer to further their skills for their future possibilities. Thank you for your generous computer donation. In our reading class, we have some of the older students beginning to see vision to gain more and more reading fluency and some have shared their desire to be able to read well enough to go into formal education when they are ready. It is great to see kids take hold of their own future desires and see the potentials in themselves. One girl used to struggle with reading so much, but after we laid out all the words she had learned, she realised how far she has come and from that day, realised she can learn when she tries. We are so proud of the kids putting in their hard work to learn.
Our Women’s Workshop has been growing with more handicraft opportunities. Thank you to Kim and Kerri and other customers whom we cannot name one by one. We are always grateful for your continual support with our women. If you would like to see some of the products from our women, Kerri has set up accounts on Etsy, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook with some products from our women if you would like to view them and place an order. Some of the mums were sharing with one of our staff members and says she feels accepted in with the other women and also likes working with us because everyone is patient to help her learn and grow her skills for making the products. It is great for us to see these women come in and feel part of the family here and grow in confidence, knowing they are accepted and have skills to offer. Not only are we helping the women earn money to support their families, but they are gaining more inside them, which is the heart of Bali Life, showing children and mums their purpose and dignity.
Green Books has been supporting our centre with some environmental education. Petr and his team visited our Street Centre and also went to the streets with us to read stories to the kids about the Earth's environment. They have been running a fundraiser to donate some books about looking after the environment and are helping our women to plan a vegetable garden in the centre. Children will incorporate this into their learning as well, learning to look after a garden and how we need to look after vegetables to grow so they can look after us when they are ready to be picked and eaten. We also are thankful for the KRIK team from Norway. They are helping with some maintenance around the Street Centre and also are helping in the classes to teach English, and reading, and helping in our Women’s Workshop.
Swimming Time
We had the opportunity to take our kids and mums to the local swimming pool the other week. Everyone was filled with excitement to spend the day swimming and playing together. There were waterslides, snacks, and lots of splashing and jumping from the blocks into the pool. A big thank you goes to Ibu Kim for supporting our day out together. The kids and mums were really blessed by this experience.
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