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January - March 2015

In March Bali celebrated the Hindu New Year. Happy New Year Caka 1937. The evening before Nyepi, the kids all went together to watch some ogoh-ogohs doing their traditional dances and stories to bring in the new year. Then the next day everyone had to be extremely quiet and slow in their activities. No one was allowed outside or to make loud noises. This is Nyepi – Silent Day for Bali.
In March and April our kids begin their exams for moving to their next level of studies. For Juven, Olan and Riska, this means they are studying extremely hard as they wish to receive good results in order to go to University in July. Ani, Ruth, Putri and Joshua are focused on studying to finish primary school so they can enter middle school – grade 7, and Olin and Fani are studying to move from middle school, grade 9 to enter senior high school, where they will then be preparing for entering college for the next three years. Richard has been training at Blue Point Villas since October 2014 and has just completed his hospitality experiences as part of his senior high education. We appreciate all prayers lifted up for our children as they go through their exams.

Daniela has been with us from Germany since October last year. Daniela has been teaching some of our children at their school, blessing their school mates with English lessons, too. This year she has extended her English teaching and has started two classes a week at the Banjar – village meeting hall – where about 10-15 primary school students come to learn English with her each week. Bali Life is glad to be able to impact our community through our volunteers that come to serve and share their skills with us. 

Bali Life Farm has been seeing so much productivity these past few months. We have been breeding more and more piglets, our ducks are laying some delicious eggs for us and our chickens continue to also lay eggs and grow. The vegetables, fruit and herbs are growing successfully and providing our children and staff with many flavoursome nutrients at each meal.

The Women’s Centre has seen a growth this year as sewing, English and computer classes have started up.  We welcome Junio and Ibu Eko to our team as they teach two sewing classes on a Thursday afternoon. Ibu Eko teaches the basics of using machines and learning to make some basic stitches, while JP has been teaching women to sew some reusable pads – from the Days for Girls Program – that we aim to donate to low-socioeconomic women in our community. We also welcome Angel and Jen, who come each week to teach women some basic computer skills. We are glad to be reaching approximately 20 women each week through our lessons, giving them skills they can use to get jobs in the community to support their families. Ibu Wayan has also joined our team as she works in our vegetable garden and aquaponics, learning skills from Pak Zen at the big Farm to plant vegetables and keep productivity going on here.

Each month we continue hosting workshops and sharing with women about the safe place we offer. In January after our workshop, one of the women who came, showed up, in need of some loving care because of problems at home. She was able to stay with us for a week before returning to her family. She continues to join us for lessons each week and her eldest is learning to read and write and do basic mathematics with us. Lelita and her daughters have settled in well to their new home and we continue seeing them each week as they come to visit us or we visit them. We are glad for this happy outcome for her and her children.
Thank you to Marie Bell for bringing some clothes for our centre. We are glad to be able to have more resources to give to our women. Marie is a trained counsellor and life coach. In our March workshop she volunteered her skills to encourage the women and motivate them, sharing how they are valued, loved and beautiful. Thank you also to Logan Women's Health and Wellbeing Centre and all those involved who donated women's clothes and bras for our centre. We look forward to working alongside you in supporting each other. 
Street Centre

Our Street Centre School and Women's Workshop have been blessed this year as we continue reaching to impact the children and women on the streets of Denpasar. Our students continue coming to school to learn and have a safe place to have fun together. Not only are the children learning academically, but we are also seeing a posiive hange in their attitudes and characters as they learn to interact with other children and leaders in positive ways. The women also continue joining us each week to build their creative skills at our workshop. They make crafts from glass bottles, jewellery from recycled plastic and are also learning how to make some eco-bricks from plastic bottles and other plastic materials which can be used to recycle waste and make our communities a cleaner place to live. Through this work, the women are gaining self-confidence as they build their skills to earn money and support their children and families.

Thank you to all our supporters, Kerry, Kim, El Kabron, Russell, Saskia and ICC and others we cannot mention one by one, who support these women and children in building skills and character. The Street Centre welcomes Olivier Nuyts to our team. He is helping us from March until June with teaching English, building relationships with the kids and mums, and being helping hands with whatever needs doing. Thank you to Opa Rob for donating a drill which helps us expand our craft work to include wood and glass carvings. A huge thank you goes to Tracey, who donated some speakers and ten pianikas - miniature keyboards which create music as you blow through a hose on the end. Our kids on the street and in the centre absolutely enjoy having these to use and grow musical skills with. We were also blessed with a donation of coloured pencils which we love to use to draw and colour-in with.

Volunteers and Visitors
Opa Rob
Opa came in January and helped us at the Farm, Street Centre and Children's Home with some maintenance. In the Women’s Centre he painted our family room and made it ready to welcome in a new mother and her children. He also assisted to move our whiteboard into our main area to have more space for welcoming more women and children to learn together.

Melanie Northway has been with us since June 2014 teaching English to our teenagers and staff each week. She has been such a blessing sharing her time and talents with us but is now back in Australia with her family and friends. Farewell Melanie and thank you for spending this past year with us. We hope to see you here again before too long.
A big thanks goes to Jorge for coming to Bali Life and playing soccer with our kids at the Children’s Home and motivating our kids with fun games at the Street Centre.
Norway Teams
In February we had a team from Norway come to Bali Life. About 20 young adults came to study and serve in Bali. They blessed Bali Life each week they were here as they helped out on the farm and tidying the gardens in the children’s home, played games with the kids, and helped teach English to kids in some of our community classes. Thank you very much for your time with us.
A week after the first team returned home, another team from Norway, KRIK came. We had an evening of worship together and one of the students shared his testimony of how he realised God’s great love for us, and he was keen to share that with Bali Life kids, too.

We welcomed Ollie to Bali Life in early March. Ollie is here for four months from Belgium and is using his skills to teach English and build relationships with the mums and kids at Bali Life Street Centre. He is also helping to create a vegetable garden at the Street Centre to bring food to the families we work with at the Centre.

Elli arrived from Germany in March and we welcome her to our family. Elli will be helping Daniela teach English to kids from our Banjar and Harapan Bunda School. Thank you for joining our team, Elli.


Dani has been here for six months and we look forward to her helping
us for another six months teaching and building relationships with our kids at the Children’s Home, at Harapan Bunda School and at the Banjar Children's Community Class.


Friends and Partners
Thank you very much to all of our supporters. We appreciate you all so much for your support and sponsorship, including the ones we cannot mention here.
Thank you to all our scholarship sponsors. You are a big part of our foundation, supporting our children through their education.
Rotary Club, thankyou for sponsoring our kids for Kumon Maths Class
ROCK Bukit, thank you to GBI ROCK Church, Bukit for your generous donation of laundry detergent, milk, noodles, toothpaste and soap. This has really blessed our family as you have provided some basic needs for our children this month.
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