Bali Life News - March 2014
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January - March 2014

New Staff
It is with great excitement that we welcome our new house parents Pak Rio and Ibu Desi into our Bali Life family. Pak and Ibu join us from Medan, Sumatra and have a 7 month old baby named Valerie. Previous to this placement, Pak Rio has worked within the hotel industry and Ibu Desi was an academic supervisor and teacher within a school for children with Autism. Pak and Ibu are already well loved by the children and they have settled in quickly to their new roles overseeing the care and well-being of our precious children. Welcome Pak and Ibu!
New Children
It is with great excitement that we also welcome new children into our Bali Life family. We welcome Chika, Debora, Komang, Ketut and Wayan. Chika is a 13 year old girl who joins us from Medan, Sumatra. She is a quiet and helpful girl who has quickly settled in to our home. Debora is 8 years old and recently joined us from Jakarta. She is a happy and energetic girl, who loves playing with the other children in the home. Komang, 8 years, Ketut, 12 years and Wayan, 9 years, are three boys that have recently joined us from Kubu village in Karangasem, East Bali. Ketut and Wayan are brothers and all three are great friends from the village and bring a lot of smiles, life and energy to our home! Welcome to all of our new children. We are so excited that our family is growing and we love each of the precious children in our care.
Ibu Lelyta
We are delighted to congratulate Ibu Lelyta on her new ventures in training and work at Alila Villas Uluwatu. Ibu Lelyta is the first woman to enter our Women’s Program and has recently begun a 3 month training course in the areas of hospitality, waitressing, housekeeping and chef skills.

She is doing incredibly well and after just 2 weeks was offered a part-time job working as a kitchen hand in the Staff Canteen! Ibu Lelyta has taken up this offer and works part time and trains part time in the other areas of the hotel. Congratulations Ibu Lelyta for all of your hard work and success. We are so proud of you!

We sincerely thank Alila Villas Uluwatu for their support of our Women’s Program and ongoing support of our Children’s Home.
Street Shelter Campaign
We are encouraging you to run an event on or around April 12, to raise awareness and support for the street children of Bali and the Bali Life Foundation. You can choose your own style of fundraiser but some suggestions are a morning tea/ breakfast/ party fundraiser for your colleagues and friends. The goal of this fundraiser is $14,000, which will purchase us our first two years rent of a property in Kuta for the Bali Life Street Shelter.
If you wish to find out more please visit:

Over the past few months we have been blessed with volunteers working with Bali Life. Mitch and Renee joined us from Queensland, Australia and were with us for 3 weeks. They helped out teaching some of our children English, swimming, fitness & exercise, surfing and skateboarding. They also were involved with the many activities in our home. Thanks guys for all of your help in our home!

Monica has also recently joined us from Holland and will be with us for 9 weeks. Monica is doing work-training as a part of her university degree and is continuing with the work that Mitch and Renee started. She is also filling in with some administration for our Foundation. Welcome Monica, it is great to have you with us!
Bali Bird Park
We would like to publicly express our thanks to Bulgari Hotels and Resorts Bali for treating our foundation with a visit to the Bali Bird Park. What amazing animals and birds we saw there! We had a great time as a family within the park and got to hold some of the birds. What a treat it was for us. Thank you so much Bulgari Hotels and Resorts Bali!
Bali Kids
Our foundation has been blessed with the partnership of Bali Kids Foundation, who sent a group of dentists and doctors to carry out health checks for each of our children. All mouths, ears and breathing were checked, as well as a few teeth pulled. Ouch!

Bali Kids Foundation then invited a few children back to their facility, who needed more extensive dental work done.They have also provided health seminars for our staff and will administer quarterly health checks. Thank you so much Bali Kids Foundation for your generosity and partnership with our Foundation.
Board Member Visit
In February we were blessed to have Rob Hagenaar and Phil and Debbie Harrigan, three of our board members, join us. While they were here they spent time with our Bali Life family as well as volunteered their time painting the Mother’s Heart Orphanage in Jimbaran. This orphanage is for children aged 0-10 years old. Thanks Rob, Phil and Debbie for all of your help and your time spent with us. We can’t wait to see you again soon!
Scholarship Scheme
We are looking for individuals, churches, groups, or anyone who would be willing to commit to supporting one or more of our children through our scholarship scheme at a cost of $50 per month. We currently have 6 children who are in need of sponsorship and will have more as more children join our family.
In doing so you will be directly impacting the life and future of a child, increasing a child’s future employ-ability and economic well-being, providing an avenue whereby each child is released to pursue their dreams irrespective of economic disadvantage, and directly impacting the villages and communities from which each child comes as these communities reap the benefits of your investment.

If you wish to find out more or see the kids who need sponsorship please visit our page at:
Green School
After a visit from some of the teachers and admin staff from the Green School Bali, some of our kids were invited to visit this very unique school. The school was an amazing sight to see with our children and staff blown away by the environmentally friendly, bamboo classrooms. The kids were treated to some games, music, art, an English class and finally an amazing lunch. We have also been able to host them at Bali Life and do more activities with them. We are thankful for this new partnership with Green School Bali!
Rotary Club Donation
We would like to extend a huge thank you to the Rotary Club Nusa Dua for their generous donation of RP 67,690,00 to our Foundation. The Rotary Club hosted the first ever event of The Enchanting Culture of Minahasa fashion show, featuring fashion designer Thomas Sigar, with all proceeds given to Bali Life. It was a fun night filled with music, dances, delicious food and beverages and of course a great fashion show! We are so grateful to the Rotary Club Nusa Dua for their constant support of Bali Life and we really value this partnership.
Wish List
Below are some of our current needs which are urgent. If you are able to help please email us with how you are able to do this:
  • We need two years rent to continue our Women’s Program = $14,000
  • New or second hand computers and ipod/iphone/ipad/android to be used as teaching aids in our Women’s Program.
  • Second hand or new lap tops no more than 5 years old for our kids to use for study. If the laptops are too old we cannot update them and the kids cannot access files. They need to be working, as the cost to repair broken laptops is very expensive.
For more of our current needs please visit:
World Water Day
On the 22nd of March Bali Life staff were able to assist Waves For Water, Hurley H2O and Coast to Coast Initiative in distributing 200 water filters on World Water Day. These filters were distributed through the village area of Kubu where some of our children are from.  It was a very long and busy day but it was great to be able to assist in the distribution of clean water to people who need it.
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