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Up The Anti - April 2020
Dear AAF Supporter,
I can’t help thinking that nature is saying “how does it feel to be the hunted?” As the death toll rises around the world, we are all gripped by figures and statistics and the search for toilet roll. We are just dots on graphs and dots in a vast universe that is showing us the power it holds.

We plough through ancient woodlands in our desire to save 20 minutes of journey time. Is our time really that precious that we would wipe out life on such a scale?

We murder badgers in their hundreds – for what?

We shoot and slaughter on a weekly basis and yet now we are the hunted.

This newsletter brings together researchers, writers and artists; all of whom feel the call to action and the cries of nature.

As we settle down for another week in isolation, I doubt there is one reader who doesn’t see the irony of our situation and who doesn’t relish the pause in the destruction of our wildlife.

We have a 'Call to Action' - Please sign and share our petiton to, 'Ban disease-spreading hunts forever' - Thank you!

Stay safe,

One of the commonest excuses hunts come up with for continuing to engage in this unpopular and cruel activity, is “tradition”. Catherine Deering explores the history of hunting and explains why it has ALWAYS been barbaric.
Having witnessed first hand the contempt the hunts have for biosecurity concerns, Pip explains why hunting must never return.
A terrified fox cub is found hiding in a garden. Will she survive? Read Foxy’s story and find out how she not only delighted but thanked her rescuers.
Appreciate the fox, says Katie,  in a beautiful and uplifting piece of writing.
Published 1917, this heart wrenching account of the barbarity of fox hunting, is unusual for its time. The protagonist, Hazel, loves a fox called Foxy .........."she “identified herself with Foxy, and so with all things hunted and snared and destroyed”.  The hunt is utterly pitiless, and personifies the human propensity to torture, without any empathy.
I hope you enjoy reading our newsletter. Feedback is ALWAYS welcome!
Thank you for your support.

Pip x
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