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A few days ago I encouraged you all to check out a petition that would notify a court in Michigan that lots of people can see the court allowing a travesty of justice.  I found a website that implements a neat idea for spreading awareness: synchronizing a message on social media.  The site is called "Thunderclap," so I made my own thunderclap to try to help spread the word about this situation.  That is the way these things die.  You can help just by joining the thunderclap I made.

Do you need compensation for doing the right thing?  Sometimes I do, if I think it's more work than it's worth.  If you feel that way, let me know how much BTC I'd have to send you to join my thunderclap and I'll consider it.  If you just do it for free, don't be surprised if I give a you a discount on your next purchase ;-).

Again, thanks for thinking about my ideas and reading my newsletter.

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