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My rates are a bit lower...

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Get More Bitcoin with Mail Orders.

I've lowered my rate on my mail ad to help if you want to start doing what I describe below.  Of course, I lowered them because I have a bit more bitcoin than I want, but you can take advantage of my over-supply.  I don't know when or if this over-supply will end.

Do You Save in Bitcoin?

In previous issues (see the link at the bottom to peruse them), I've mentioned that about 1/3 of my savings are in bitcoin.  This allows me to spend bitcoin that I'm buying even if I haven't received it yet.  Ok, well, not exactly, but the effect is the same.  I have no problem waiting for bitcoin that I buy (from someone I trust) because I already have some bitcoin to spend.  I recommend this approach to everyone.  Plus, a lot of the time, the bitcoin has proven to maintain its purchasing power better than fiat.
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