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Does your "Most Important Thing" change too?

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Joy!  Have some.  Make some.  Share it.

Here's a list of things that are important to me and which I think should be more important to most people:
  1. Get to know yourself better.  Why is this email what's occupying your attention at the moment?
  2. Defend yourself.  Self defense has shown up for me more like a responsibility than a skill.
  3. Maintain a healthy relationship with what's yours.  ProofOfKeys will help.  I know from personal experience that it can take some determination.
  4. Cats are independent for the most part.  They can teach us stuff.
Ok, I don't think number four is that important, but I really like cats, so I added it anyway.  What motivated me to write this email to you was number three.  Honestly, numbers one and two really are more important.  Mailchimp tells me that 61 people 



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