In this issue:  I take a pretty dim view of coercive authorities.
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Just about out of BTC, but more is coming (as always).  Nice Rally, eh?

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No NSA Letter Received (yet)

A while back, some of you may have heard of a thing called a "National Security Letter."  This is a device through which some thugs scare people into keeping their mouths shut while the thugs threaten them to get information.  The victim is "legally" (if you use the term loosely, as people in government often do) required to deceive anyone with whom they discuss the activities with which they are tasked.

Usually, the NSA letter instructs the victim to reveal to the coercive authorities some information about someone they know and to avoid letting that person know that such information is being provided to the coercive authority.

Since I collect pictures of my customers, some may be worried that this could happen to them and they would never know.  My warning and promise is this:  If I ever receive an NSA letter, it will be scanned and emailed to this mailing group.  I will block out any information identifying the other victim.  I will leave it in your hands (all of you) to publish what happens to me for shedding light on this horrible practice of government employees.

Furthermore, I hereby notify and warn any government employees wishing to attempt this tactic that I will avoid complying with your demands as best I can on the principle that what you're doing is immoral.  Should you wish to appeal to my conscience, consider a polite request.  Demands will create resistance.

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