In this issue:  Picture of a scammer and an appeal for redemption.
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My supply is coming back... which brings my price down.

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They're Complaining About Us

The scammers, I mean.  Go figure.  First, I want to thank a guy named Jason who wrote back to me about the scammer I mentioned in my last newsletter.  He explained to me that a receipt from Citibank, when it is for a deposit that must be further redeemed (ie, not cash), shows "amount available" near the dot in the i in the "Citi" watermark on the receipt.  This scammer had written over that section on the receipts he sent me with a heavy black marker, but had I looked, I could still have seen it.  I just didn't know to look.

Another one of my readers directed me to a thread on bitcointalk that seems to be about the same guy, so thanks!  I had given up on bugging the scammer to come clean, but I sent an email and got a confirming reply and then the scammer and I started texting each other.  He complained that the "the btc community isn't as forgiving as they said they were."  We worked out a deal in which he would send me a contract admitting guilt and promising to make regular payments in order to avoid me filing a claim with a court.  I gave him about two weeks to make the first payment.  He asked for an extra day a few days before the deadline.  The day after the deadline is the last day I heard from him, a week and a half ago.  Perhaps his concept of "forgiving" is a bit different than mine.

If my efforts to show him that a man who harms another man must answer for it ever come to fruition, I will let you all know.  As I told him, it's more of a responsibility I feel now than a way to get my $8500 back.  Recovery of the money is a good incentive though.

Oh, and if you missed it at the top, I've lowered my prices a bit.

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