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What was missing? The COMPLETE archive.  Here it is!

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Let me apologize first.

I would like to apologize to those of you who read through my newsletters on my recommendation to see how I go about trading bitcoin for fun and profit.  The archive link I've been sending out only has the last 20 issues, so I created a complete list of my newsletters. At least it will be complete until... well, until you receive this one, because this one isn't in it yet.

Below is a complete list for those who would like to start at the beginning, as I recommend.  Perhaps I will have time someday to create a better index, and maybe even create a tool for other Mailchimp users so that having a complete archive will be simple.  In any case, enjoy!

Newsletter Intro
Newsletter LongCon
Newsletter ScammerID
Newsletter ScammerSampling
Newsletter IRS
Newsletter IDs
Newsletter Receipts
Newsletter Anti-Fiat
Newsletter Cash
Newsletter Meetup
Newsletter NSA Letter
Newsletter Palmdale
Newsletter Start Dealing
Newsletter Nicaragua
Newsletter Bounties
Newsletter Holidays
Newsletter Stabilization Fund
Newsletter Thunderclap
Newsletter BTCAlldayallday
Newsletter Suppliers
Newsletter The Peace Revolution
Newsletter Fork
Newsletter Convenience and Savings
Newsletter Scammouflage
Newsletter Lend, Engage, Persist, Publish
Newsletter Joseph Bennett
Newsletter WoC
Newsletter Notes on Justice
Newsletter Opheus
Newsletter My First Correction
Newsletter Crowdsourcing
Newsletter Crowdsourcing (copy 01)
Newsletter Bitfinex
Newsletter Bitcoin Sale
Newsletter Think Tank
Newsletter 2016 Plans
Newsletter 2017 Plans
Newsletter Gov Attack
Newsletter Unclear Law
Newsletter Kickstarter 1
Newsletter Landmark!
Newsletter Bitrated
Newsletter Trace Mayer
Newsletter Trace Mayer with Link
Newsletter CHOSE 1
Newsletter Contributions
Newsletter Contributions (copy 01)

Thanks to my friend Candy for showing me that the Mailchimp Archive link does NOT provide a full archive.  I submitted feedback to Mailchimp about this, so hopefully they will fix it soon. I wrote out the steps I took to create this list for anyone who has their own list and is interested in doing the same thing.  That post is on my blog.

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