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Yes, they have my stuff. Here's what I do about that...

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Who is Joseph Bennett?

Joe Bennett is a United States Postal Inspector who intercepted a package addressed to me.  I learned about this a couple weeks after I expected to receive the package, and a couple days after I filed a claim with the USPS for it.  You can read more about the kind of stuff Joe does in this case where he helps his organization prosecute some U.S. currency.

He left me a voicemail.  When I called back, he asked about the money.  I told him it was for a purchase of bitcoin and he asked me to send him a screenshot showing the text conversation in which my customer and I made the deal.  I told him I'd have to ask my customer if that was OK (which I did, and my customer said yes).  After I sent him the information he requested, I sent him the following email:
Hi Joe,

Thanks for the information about how my parcel is being handled.  I require compensation for your use of my stuff ($XXX in cash).  The best way to compensate me is to send me a check for the value so that you can do whatever you wish with the currency you intercepted.  Our good relationship will be established and maintained if you also include some extra amount to cover the harm to me of being without the $X these last two weeks.

Please feel free to forward this email to Raul, as I don't have his email address and he may be interested in communicating with me through email.

Thank you for the opportunity to help the cause of justice,
Raul is Joe's supervisor.  I hadn't heard back from Joe for a few days, so I snail mailed him another letter by certified letter, with a return receipt, in an envelope with a window so that the delivery address on the letter would be the only way for the letter to get to him.  This makes it impossible for him to claim that I sent him an empty envelope.  Here's what it said:
Dear Joe,

Greetings.  In our telephone call on January, 28th, you told me that you are in possession of a parcel which was addressed to me, has the tracking number EL337571018US, and contained X dollars in U.S. currency. As I explained in our call, that money is owed to me for the sale of bitcoin to [my customer's name] .  I require compensation for the value of the parcel ($X) by the end of February, 2016.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter,

Dave Scotese
I have been listening to a guy named Karl Lentz who explains that he researched the law for several years because the state of Alabama had taken his son away from him and he wanted the boy back.  His conclusions are similar to those that Larken Rose makes in THE MOST DANGEROUS SUPERSTITION.  We are trained, conditioned, and brainwashed into acting as the children of those with authority.  To get out from under their abuse of power, we only need to stand up for ourselves.  The mechanism we have developed to that end is the common law court of record.  I aim to provide an example of that if Joe doesn't come to his senses.  Perhaps he will realize that his work ought to respect the public he is supposed to be serving.

Not cynical enough?  Well, I know that nearly every living human being has at least the capacity to develop and use a conscience, and I think that triggering that latency is our best hope for a better world, so I'm going to keep trying it.

I'll be away for a while.

No, I'm not serving time. HA!  I'm going to Anarchapulco for a week.  I don't think it will interrupt any of your plans to buy bitcoin from me. I'll have everything I need down there to serve you.  I just thought I'd let you know.  Anarchapulco is an event held in Acapulco by The Dollar Vigilante.  You can find out more about it by clicking that link.

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