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I am easy to hunt down.  You trust me.  That can benefit you!

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Do You Trust Me?

One of my customers often asks me for bitcoins when he has no way of paying for them.  This gave me the idea of borrowing cash from my customers and paying them back in Bitcoin whenever they find themselves in that situation.  The scammers helped too by making this plan crystallize in my mind.  Thanks, Scumbags!  If you trust me, you can take advantage of this setup.

I normally charge about 8% over the price on Bitfinex to customers who want their bitcoin on the same day.  If you could wait for a few days, you could save 3% (2% for cash) and send it to me in the mail.  But then you have to wait.  Some customers have very smartly sent me extra cash and then asked for more bitcoin when they wanted more.  Thanks to those of you who have done this; it made me realize that I should figure out how everyone else can enjoy the same benefit.

I thought you might appreciate a comparison.  In one case, you have money in your bank, and every now and then you want bitcoin for some reason.  You now have to get the money out of your bank, get it to someone who has bitcoin in a way they trust, and then wait for them to receive it, verify it, and send you coins.  Using LBC with the escrow service, you are only ever trusting LBC.

In the second case, you have less money in the bank because you keep sending some to me, and I have, in effect, borrowed some money from you.  Again, every now and then, you want bitcoin, so we text each other to agree on the price, I send you bitcoin and I now owe you less money.  Plus, your bitcoin cost 3% less!  In this case, you are trusting me to pay you back.  Would you take that risk to save 3%?

There are some basic limits to this offer of mine to borrow your money and pay you back in bitcoin. First off, I don't want to have to keep track of nickels and dimes, so send at least $500.  It's also a good idea to get a tracking number and text me when you send it so we both have a record.  Do not send more than $5000, as anything over this amount creates some risks for me that I don't want to bear.  And my 5% premium (the normal 8% minus the 3% savings) will never go higher than that, though it might go down.

Lastly, you have my phone number in case you need any more information (such as the address to which to send the money).  If you can vouch for me and let anyone else know about my offer, thanks!  Feel free to give them my number, but please ask them to tell me who you are (your LBC username is fine) for two reasons. That way, I'll know who to thank, and also, if they trip my scammer-senses, I'll know who to ask for a character reference :-).

If you feel it is illegal or immoral for me to ask you for a loan and promise to pay you back on demand, in bitcoins, at a reduced rate, please don't accept this offer.  I consider it my first amendment right to let people with whom I've done business know that I am willing to do business in a way that they might like more.

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