In this issue:  Picture of a scammer and an appeal for redemption.
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I have some BTC, but street prices are still high.

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Some banks do not provide any evidence to the depositor that we can use to distinguish between cash and a check.  A member of LBC (now banned) shown to the right deposited $8500 in bad checks over several trades with me.  I am not vindictive.  He's probably poor and doesn't have the patience to build an honest business.  However, he does have about $8500 worth of BTC (or something he bought with it), and I'd be happy to hold him up as a hero if he makes me whole.  The number he used to contact me is (626)823-4440.

There is always the possibility that a thief might have a change of heart, and we should make that a lot easier than it is currently.  This guy would be a hero if he made me whole.  At least to me.

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