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It's legal in private, but not if you engage as a business.

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I have to stop...

...doing anything that might look like "engaging in the business of currency exchange." If you're not familiar with the reason, it's here.  The upshot is that there is a chance that a judge will decide that trading bitcoin for cash requires a Money Transmitter license because they can call anything they want a "business."  In fact, judges have the prerogative to rule any way they want, regardless of the law.  More on that below (sort of - scan for it if you want).  (No one rules, if no one obeys)Anyway, I don't want to leave all you fantastic people hanging, so I have some ideas.  First, I decided to offer my services as a tutor so that I can help you find ways to get bitcoin without the risk of breaking the law as Mr. Kortum suggested I may have done while I was accepting bitcoin from you for cash.

Second, I have created a project called CHOSE, which is "Cooperative Humanity's Ongoing Social Efforts".  I am looking for collaborators on a Kickstarter project to fund a documentary.  I haven't launched it yet because the more people who will pass around the link once it's launched, the better, so I wanted to reach out to you first.  If you haven't read anything about this idea yet, here are the blog posts I've made so far about it.  My Facebook-post sized description of CHOSE is:

[The very first project that CHOSE is undertaking is] to create the first in a series of documentaries aimed at inspiring people to take personal responsibility for social cohesion and rid us of fear and punishment. Using fear and punishment to create and maintain peace, prosperity, sharing, caring, and cooperation does not work. Our species has been proving this for millennia, but we haven't yet been saturated with the realization to the point at which we recognize violence in all its forms as counterproductive. That recognition is growing, and I aim to accelerate it.

Are you scanning?  This might be what you're looking for, regarding judges' prerogative: A judge's decision is subject to review by other judges in an appellate court, and their decision can then be reviewed by the Supreme Court if the S.C. agrees to hear the case.  But they don't have to hear it, so we are basically ruled (legally) by the cooperation of judges.  Their decisions lead to punishment, and so fear is the main tool we are using to maintain social cohesion, at least here in the U.S.  I think that's messed up.

To be a collaborator on Kickstarter, you have to have a Kickstarter account.  If you're already part of another fund-raising site, I don't see a reason not to have you run your own fund-raising campaigns for CHOSE if you're interested and feel more comfortable on another platform.  CHOSE is, after all, cooperative, so even if you raise money and spend it yourself on something you believe will help with social cohesion, your efforts are justified and acceptable.  However, joining forces is wise, so consider sharing your ideas with me or helping to fund my efforts.  Let me know if you have a Kickstarter account and how you might be able to help as a collaborator.

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