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A Blatant Ad for Telegram

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I love Telegram!

In my last newsletter, I wrote "hopefully I will have finished an entry that I haven't started yet." I just finished it.  Here's the link. Sorry it took so long.  I got Covid.  Just kidding! Well, maybe I did get it. Who knows? Given so many people test positive and have no symptoms, does anyone know what "nCOVID-19" actually means?  Viruses mutate.  The statistics have been manipulated.  The truth is out there, like one needle in one of a billion haystacks.  If it ever becomes important to really understand it, I hope the current batch of statistics collectors (states, hospitals), code-creators (the CDC), and International people and Organizations (Gates, Fauci, WHO) get it and die first, because then honest people can actually get to work figuring it out. Gee, I took that joke a little too far.

I like Monero (XMR) because it's harder to track.  I like Dash because it has a good governance model, and EOS for a similar reason. I like Ethereum because it's bitcoin with a more powerful scripting language.  I like Litecoin because it's Bitcoin, but faster (but also less secure, if you count on the "faster" part, and I'll explain that if you ask). I like Bitcoin Cash because I think the market should decide the blocksize, not the protocol.

How I felt, and Why

First I was sad that people were getting sick.  Then I was angry about fear mongering. Then I was relaxed because it turned out I was right about so much. Then I was depressed and I didn't really understand it.  I think I was feeling the depression coming from everyone who was no longer allowed to go to work or funerals, or marriages, or visit old relatives. Then I was excited because I'm pretty sure the psychos overplayed their hand and a very large number of people are waking up to the fact that power corrupts and you really have to follow your own conscience to have a good life, regardless of what any authority says.

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