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Where I'll be during the first week of August

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Meeting in the Forest

For nine years, many people who respect their own consciences and reject external influences that try to force them have been meeting in Baca Meadows.  I've only gone once, but I'm going again at the beginning of August for about a week.  I don't know how easy it will be for anyone to contact me.  If you want to go, just travel to the latitude and longitude printed on the ticket below and I'll sneak you in.  Or you could print out one of these for each person you want to bring.

I'm kidding.  It's on private property which has been made available to the public.  We meet there to enjoy the company of others who consider themselves voluntaryist, anarchist, or, to put it simply, better off without the state.  It's basically free camping.  There are no bathrooms, but there's always someone who deploys outhouses.

If you click the ticket, you'll visit the website where you can find out more.  There is also a Telegram group but you can't join it.  To get in, someone has to add you to the group.  I can do that, so reach out if you're interested.

"What's there?" you wonder.  Well, if Bitcoin attracted you, there's probably something similar about Jackalope that will attract you too.  In the Telegram group this morning, I wrote:
At the end of my meditation: "Anarchy is simply the recognition that you have a conscience and that you reject those external influences on it which try to force it."
This produced a discussion in which six people weighed in with interesting perspectives that make me think.

I'll be gone for the first week of August.

That was for you if you skimmed the rest and missed it.  If you're going to miss me because we trade often, I'll miss you too.  Here's to creating a situation where you have to prepare for my eventual demise.  Well, the body known as "Dave Scotese" will go back to the earth and the sky and the water eventually, but there are already others with whom you can trade.  In preparation for my absence (and eventual reintegration into what most people think is unconscious matter), consider seeking them out now :-).  On a brighter note, I'm healthy and plan to stick around for at least several more decades.



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