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Defense Against the Dark Arts

"Remember who the enemy is."  I think that's a line from The Hunger Games.  The Peace Revolution Podcast has become even more useful to me recently.  That podcast provided me with all kinds of details that show a very ugly past.  Here's the nutshell version, thanks to Colonel Fletcher Proudhy: When we discovered the planet was finite (a ball, not an infinite plane), some really smart people got worried about running out of resources. They figured the only option was to reduce population (it was growing at the time), so they developed methods of killing people off (war, economic destruction, eugenics, etc.).  That idea ignores our natural tendency to procreate less as resources vanish (possibly because the people entertaining it prefer to kill strangers rather than stop having kids).

A modern strategy that combines eugenics and war is race baiting.  If you pay attention to the details, such as how news stories are presented, and what mainstream media "chooses" to make into news, you will notice that tension between races and nations is largely a manufactured thing.  Such tension is intended by those pulling the strings ("Show more of the tension between the blacks and the whites - it sells ads!") to divide and conquer.  Recognize in yourself all the external sources of prejudice, racism, and generalization in general (ha ha) and view them skeptically.  If you find a way to identify with the "others" - people with darker or lighter skin, different eyes, speakers of different languages, or even people different on the been-to-prison metric - then you are practicing an important kind of self-defense.

Bitcoin has shown me this many times.  I get customers of many colors and ages and sexes.  We all get along splendidly.  When you see a chance to identify with someone different, take it, and run with it.  See if you can help someone in the thrall of the "Powers That Shouldn't Be" (PTSB} get out from under that spell.  Bitcoin isn't going to save the world all by itself.  It'll help, but we also need to educate ourselves and spread the Peace Revolution by example.

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