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I  have some Bitcoin and I just lowered my prices.

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Protect Your ID

Timestamp your ID when you prove you're you.

LocalBitcoins sent me a request that on any ads where I require picture ID, I say so.  They used to have the "Real Name Required" badge on some ads, but it's been removed.  I don't always require photo ID, so I updated my ads to indicate that I might require it.  In fact several users have answered my ad only to cancel later when I request a selfie.  For new accounts (the profile shows how old an account is; just click on the other member's username and you'll see their profile), I ask for a FaceBook profile or a driver's license, but this is only a first step.  My intent is to slowly draw in a potential scammer so that at some point, he or she will realize that they can't proceed, but an honest person wouldn't have a problem proceeding.  Then they cancel and I put them on my "highly suspect" list.

For example, I looked at one guy's FaceBook profile and then I asked for a selfie so I could see that he owned it.  He then canceled the trade.  I let LBC know what happened, though there's nothing wrong with that - maybe the picture you used on FB was really great, but you've since grown fat, or facial hair, or... you're a scammer.

When you send a picture of yourself to prove that you're you, it's a good idea to include a piece of paper that shows the time and date.  This makes it a lot harder for a scammer to use that image later to pretend he's you.  And if you get an image from someone else that has a piece of paper in it with some info you didn't ask for, you'd get suspicious, right?  Well, you should.

I'm purposefully not telling you all my secrets, because, as you probably know by now, I want to stay one step ahead of the scammers, and they are falling over themselves trying to sign up for my newsletter (or so I like to think).  But as I engineer ways to defeat the tricks scammers will invent to get around my secrets, I will start publishing them.

FDA Protecting us from Defeating Cancer promised in my last newsletter.  Stanislaw Burzynski discovered a class of substances he calls "anitneoplastons" because putting them into the bodies of cancer victims (cancer's medical name is "neoplasm") tends to make the cancer go away.  So is that a fraud?

The fraud appears to be the work of the FDA, which is trying to protect the US economy from the horror of the "End of Cancer Research" by suppressing Burzynski's work.  Because, you know, of course, all those brilliant scientists working on cancer would fall into poverty and destitution if they find out that the problem they work so hard to solve just got solved.

This is how some government people think.  We spend money to fix problems, and that is good, so the government takes on the role of making sure we always have lots of problems. Hence, there are plenty of agents trying to discredit Dr. Burzynski.

See how many logical fallacies you can find on the Internet that are used to try to smear this guy.  All the decent arguments are full of them.  So much so that my mind screams "The lady (FDA) doth protest too much!"  Is it really the FDA, or just some powerful cancer research facilities?  You can judge that for yourself.  Eric Merola made two documentaries about it.

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