In his issue: Don't let the IRS defraud you like they do most people!
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Non-Taxable Transactions

The 16th amendment to the US Consitution didn't do much.

In fact, I don't report my bitcoin sales because I don't exercise any federal privilege in making them, and therefore they are not taxable anyway.  If you're as ill-informed as most people about the US tax code, the title of this email probably sent a chill down your spine.  It should not, and I am inviting you to find out why.  On his site, Pete Hendrickson explains that the 16th amendment merely overturned the Pollock Supreme Court Decision.  It did not increase Congress' taxing powers in any way, so there remains a constitutional prohibition against an unapportioned tax on your right to earn a living.

The income tax is a tax on the exercise of privilege.  It's like if someone uses your stuff to make money, and you demand a cut.  The federal government is the same way: If they let you do something you have no right to do without their permission, then you owe them a tax for that privilege.  If you don't exercise any privilege granted to you by them, then you have no liability for the income tax. 

As this information continues to spread, it will cause the governmental financial gravy train to dry up, so of course there is a huge effort both at the IRS and among private tax-industry parasites to create propaganda against it.

What we really need to worry about is the difficulty we will have when trying to explain all this to brainwashed IRS agents whose livelihood depends on their unwitting cooperation with a system designed to deceive and defraud US Citizens.  Most civil servants start out with an idea to help their fellow countrymen, so they have a lot of cognitive dissonance to work through before they can see the evil in the institution that employes them.  To that end, Pete has compiled a long list of people who have done this work with the IRS through the mail, called "Every Which Way But Loose."  It was this series of documented admissions from the IRS that his legal research is correct that led me to file my own amended returns and stop paying a tax I never owed.

Next time, I'll highlight another great fraud being perpetrated on the American people, which has government agents in one particular department scrambling to assemble propaganda to shut down a healthy and important development in the field of medicine.

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