In this issue:  Bomb Threat!  (What has occupied your day?)
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I have bitcoin if you want some.  ...and the rally has surprised me.

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Don't Be Alarmed. 

(661) 748-0240.  This is the telephone number of the guy who promised me a bomb threat which has not yet happened.  I was excited to see what would happen if someone called in a bomb threat on me, and he let me down (thankfully).  [CAVEAT: Don't misconstrue my excitement as encouragement!) He told me that he would do it if I didn't send him some bitcoin.  He emailed me a bitcoin address (the headers are here if anyone is interested), which is 1HzpDixh73bJrY7HirN5Qyhfk6uVnGYZAz in case anyone wants to help the guy out.  He apparently needs a lot of help.

He told me he has been trying to hack into my stuff for a while.  For example, we've received some PINs from AT&T, as if we were trying to make changes to our cellular service when we had made no such requests.  I called AT&T about this and we locked down our accounts a little more tightly.  He provided some information intended to intimidate, but instead gave us clues about his methods and his mistakes.  Needless to say, it was still a bit harrowing to come face to face - er - voice-to-voice with such a meanie (actually, he was using a voice-distorter which I have been trying to undo with moderate success).

Anyway, I assume he is one of the people that gets this newsletter.  How foolish would you have to be to try to hack me without watching this newsletter?  He seemed pretty smart, at least about technology.  I will call him Mr. Palmdale, since that is where my phone said the number originated from.

Mr. Palmdale,
My wife really wants to get the police involved.  I don't think you'd have anything to worry about with them, but you never know.  They do have orders to enforce even the stupidest laws, and many of them follow those orders without thinking about it too much, so I'd prefer not to get them involved.  However, I can only hold her off for so long.

You said that you don't want ALL my bitcoins, which makes sense to me because you're still a human being.  You have a conscience and it says "don't leave people penniless."  That's a start.  But you can't really make a lot of money running and hiding in today's wold, which is what you have to do now.  At least ditch that phone.  And apparently no one cares about a bomb threat, or else you were bluffing.  You had me pretty excited to see how that goes.  In me, "worrying" about the behavior of criminals such as you and the government turns into excitement to see how the majority of humans (valuable people, that is) will respond to your depravity.  It's why I'm writing this newsletter.  I think you are capable of a change of heart.  Am I wrong?

A lot of your potential marks are aware that if they yield to your demands, they are encouraging your behavior.  Yielding is bad for them, and it's bad for everyone else you might victimize.  I have expressed this idea throughout the issues of my newsletter, but apparently you haven't gotten it (or have you not read them all?).  I want to help you, but all you offer me is pain (albeit, you demand "not all my bitcoin").  Go deeper into "not all your bitcoin", and when you get to "Hey Dave, rather than getting your bitcoin, I want to send you a bit for helping me," then perhaps we can work together.  There is a donation address in the footer of the newsletter now.

I wish most people good luck, but in your case, you need to create your own luck by being nicer to people.  Maybe you can share your success (assuming you've had some - your phone number is all over the internet) with others so that they can learn how to protect themselves from people who make the same human-relations errors that you've made.

Karma's a bitch, and she hides really well.  Switch sides, man.  You have the brains.  Why not use them for good?

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