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To mark International Women's Day on the 8th March, Marie Claire has released a video about an issue that affects every woman and highlights the discrimination that still exist.  Did you know that in Australia today women still earn 17.1 percent less then men?  And although more than 50 per cent of university graduates are women, just 17 percent of board members on ASX200 boards are women.

I wrote my thesis on this subject in 2003 and the stats around the number of women in senior leadership roles in Australia has not changed over the past decade and in some areas have declined.

As a mother of two girls, the way women are sometimes portrayed in the media alarms me and the way high profile women are treated saddens me.   I urge you to watch the Marie Claire video and share it with both the women and men in your lives and demand better.

You can view it here.

My passion to support women as they rise to more senior levels of influence was the driving force behind the creation of The Leadership Connection, a nine month program I am co-chairing to support senior women.  There are only two spots left on our next program that kicks off in April so if you are interested, please contact me directly or you can download a brochure here.

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