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While you have been out getting to yes, avoiding those nasty cognitive biases, using your emotional intelligence, discovering that decentralization breeds innovation, living the progress principle, using those 48 laws of power, and starting with why, I have been focusing on ways to streamline your very busy life.

The following is my September efficiency report. Click the buzzer if you need me to: 

  • make the trip to IKEA for you

  • curate your party music

  • order your Christmas cards


Out with the Old, In with the Moolah


Here come the holiday expenses and another good reason to trade in your old mobile phones for an Amazon gift card. Go here to check out their trade-in program for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and Nexus. Once you select your phone and rate its quality, you will be prompted to print a postage-paid shipping label with mailing instructions. Your Personal Assistant just got herself a gift card for $184.69. 

Gazelle offers a similar program for cash, as do Target, Walmart, and Best Buy.

Uptown Funk via Dropbox

This month I was tasked with the truly fun job of finding songs for my client's dance party. Since I'm a music fan with an extensive iTunes library, I already owned the perfect 167 songs. However, I was stuck trying to figure out how to send the client That Funky Music until Like a Prayer, a friend Dropped a Bomb on Me and suggested I send them via Dropbox. It was so simple and took minutes. This is the YouTube video I used as a tutorial. Let the Good Times Roll.

Props to Postmates 

Once upon a time, I was working at the home of a brand new client. In the midst of my diligent efforts to impress, my laptop battery died. And I had forgotten my power adapter. Not my most shining and Efficient moment. I was able to work around the problem with some embarrassment, but had I known about the Postmates delivery services app, I could have ordered an Apple adapter through them and had it delivered to me within an hour for the adapter price + a 9% service fee of the purchase price + a $5 delivery fee. It would have been worth every cent to me.

Postmates delivers from restaurants, including Starbucks, and many stores, including pharmacies, Trader Joes -- and Apple. They will even pick up a Craiglist item. Unfortunately, within the Metro DC area, they only delivery in Arlington, Bethesda, and Washington DC. They also deliver in 16 other states.


1. Attention Waze Users Who are Up for Some Fun: 
Have you looked at your Voice Language options lately? Right now you can be navigated by Stephen Colbert, Neil Patrick Harris, Colonel Sanders, among others. Go to your Settings > Sound > Voice Language to make your selection. For more information on this very helpful navigation app, I refer you to my September 2014 report.


2. Attention Netflix Users Who Loathe Buffering: There's a "secret window," a.k.a. the Stream Manager, that you can access to adjust or lower the buffering rate, which can/should minimize the interruption. Click here to go to for more information.


Looking for a new wreath for your front door? In my humble opinion, Williams Sonoma has the best selection.

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