Bulletin  N° 20, September 2015
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Next events 

 Latin America – Asia Pacific Business Forum. The ASEAN, a new market for the future 
CAF Development Bank of Latin-America, the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) and the Latin-American Integration Association (ALADI) are pleased to invite you to participate in the first “Latin America – Asia Pacific Business Forum: The ASEAN, a new market for the future”, to be held on 24 and 25 November of this year in Lima, Peru.
“6th India – Latin America & Caribbean (LAC) Conclave”
The Coordinator of the Latin America - Asia Pacific Observatory, Dr. Ignacio Bartesaghi, will participate, as a lecturer, in the business conclave “6th India – Latin America & Caribbean (LAC) Conclave”, organized by the Confederation of Indian Industry from 8 to 9 October 2015 at the Hotel Taj Palace, in New Delhi, India.
Annual Nineteenth Congress of the International Studies Mexican Association), AMEI
The Coordinator of the Latin America – Asia Pacific Observatory, Dr. Ignacio Bartesaghi, will participate in the “XIX Congreso anual de la Asociación Mexicana de Estudios Internacionales”, AMEI called: “Cultura, gobernanza y globalización: la crisis de las instituciones en un mundo complejo”. The event will be held from 15 to 17 October 2015 at the facilities of the Cancún Center, in Cancún, Quintana Roo, México.
Seventh Chair of Latin-American and Caribbean Integration AUALCPI
The Coordinator of the Latin America – Asia Pacific Observatory, Dr. Ignacio Bartesaghi, will participate in the Seventh Chair of Latin-American and Caribbean Integration AUALCPI, which will be held on 29 and 30 October at the Universidad de San Buenaventura, headquarters of Bogota.

Outstanding activities 

Journey to Australia and New Zealand
The Coordinator of the Latin America - Asia Pacific Observatory, Dr. Ignacio Bartesaghi, visited Australia and New Zealand.  The visit was held jointly with the Universidad Católica del Uruguay, and aimed at visiting universities, research centers, trade associations and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Australia in Canberra.



Article: "The Association of Southeast Asian Nations and its business environment”
The Latin America - Asia Pacific Observatory publishes the paper: "The Association of Southeast Asian Nations and its business environment”.

“Efectos del TPP en Asia Pacífico y Latinoamérica”
Article published by the Magazine “Foreign Affairs Latinoamérica”, volume 15, number 3, for period July – September 2015.



Outstanding publications 

Relaciones comerciales Uruguay – China. Primer semestre 2015

The Department of International Business and Integration of the School of Business Sciences of the Universidad Católica del Uruguay published a report about the trade relations between Uruguay and China, for the first half of 2015. (Publication in spanish).

La devaluación del Yuan

The Chamber of Exporters of the Republic of Argentina publishes bulletin “En Cont@cto China Nº 85”. (Publication in spanish).

Boletín Innovación/ China

The Centro de Estudios Latinoamericanos sobre China (CELC) of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences of the Universidad Andrés Bello publishes bulletin “Innovación China N°30” for September 2015. (Publication in spanish).

China en un nuevo contexto económico

Opinion column about the new economic context of China of Dr. Ignacio Bartesaghi published in “Boletim Mundorama”. (Publication in spanish).

La “nueva normalidad” de China y sus efectos en América Latina y el Caribe

Opinion column of Daniel Titelman, Director of the ECLAC’s Economic Development Division. (Publication in spanish).

Article by Dr. Ernesché Rodríguez Asien, Vice-Chancellor of the Central American Institute of Asia Pacific Studies and Director of the Observatorio Iberoamericano de la Economía y Sociedad del Japón. (Publication in spanish).
The Center of Asia Pacific Studies carries out research that allows a rapprochement between Asia Pacific and Latin America in political, economic and cultural issues. The strength of the Center is focused on the area of economic integration and institutions in Asia Pacific (mechanisms such as APEC, TPP and Pacific Alliance); comparative analyses between the two regions in issues such as intra-industry trade and food security. (Publication in spanish).
Business and academic activities 

Asia is the future of the world and of Latin America, according to Experts during the Conference of the CAF

Experts debating about the relations between Latin America and Asia during the second and last day of the Nineteenth Annual Conference of the CAF in Washington agreed on that, despite the lower growth rates expected for the economy of China during the next years, Asia, as region, will continue being the area with the greatest growth in the world, and Latin America must position itself in order to take advantage of the opportunities generated by such expansion. (News in spanish).

International Symposium on Relations between Latin America and Asia Pacific

The International Symposium on Relations between Latin America and Asia Pacific will be held from 26 to 28 October in Colombia.

Executive Director of the Chilean Foundation of the Pacific gives a lecture about the Pacific Alliance in Taipei

On 14 September, before 30 officials of Government, businessmen, professionals and academicians, Manfred Wilhelmy gave a lecture about the Pacific Alliance at the Headquarters of the Taiwan Institute of Economic Research TIER. (News in spanish).

Korea, UNWTO seek to expand cooperation on tourism

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism Kim Jongdeok presented to the World Tourism Organization (WTO) its policies about the new ways the tourism industry may take. The Minister also suggested the way of expanding international cooperation in the sector.

DIRECON participated in Forum about TPP related to Intellectual Property and medicines

A wide group of experts from different public and private organizations participated, on Thursday 10 September, in the Forum “TPP: Medicamentos y Propiedad Intelectual”, organized by the  Fundación Equidad Chile and Médicos Sin Marca, held in facilities of the ex Congreso Nacional, in Santiago. (News in spanish).

“Regional Meeting about the Economic Relations of Latin America and the Caribbean with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)”

The SELA will analyze the trade and investment relations between Latin America and the Caribbean and the countries constituting the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), in order to assess the opportunities and challenges of the region for boosting and diversifying the economic relations. (News in spanish).

Ninth Chinese Business Summit - LAC

The Ninth Chinese Business Summit — LAC 2015 is a promotion mechanism and a platform seeking a greater economic cooperation between China and the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, focused on fostering trade and investment. (News in spanish).

Fourth Asia-Pacific Trade & Investment Week

The Asia-Pacific Trade & Investment Week, organized by ESCAP, assembles governmental officials and other groups of interest every two years. Debates about important issues for trade and investment policies in the region are held.

About 100 companies in Indonesia and Thailand get to know investment opportunities in Colombia

ProColombia organizes the Investment Summit Colombia in these two countries, in an alliance with KADIN (Chamber of Commerce of Indonesia) and the Federation of Industrialists in Thailand. The main media of both countries will attend. (News in spanish).

Doing business with Japan: keys, challenges and business opportunities

Uruguay XXI organizes a Workshop for exporting companies or companies with export potential having or considering Japan as a destination for their exports. (News in spanish).

Trading with India, Indonesia, Africa & Latin America - Breakfast

An Australian mining company is gaining the attention of the whole world, and, especially, in these markets, where many Australian companies opened a pathway.

Agreements and negotiations

Gregory So, Trade Secretary of Hong Kong referred to the opportunities provided by the FTA

The Chilean wine in Hong Kong may be complemented with a strong system assuring its quality, in the shipment towards other countries of Asia such as the warehousing for the local market. (News in spanish).

China launches fund for Latin America industrial cooperation

China established a fund of $10 one thousand millions for supporting the industrial cooperation of the country with Latin America.

China and Venezuela sign cooperation on energy and mining agreements

China and Venezuela signed several cooperation agreements for the energy and mining sectors upon the closure of a meeting held in Beijing. (News in spanish).

APEC Laying Path to New Era of Asia-Pacific Integration

Trade officials of the 21 members of the APEC are increasing the efforts for strengthening the integration of the economies of Asia Pacific, necessary for using the opportunities of the market of the Twenty-First Century and boosting a new generation of inclusive trade and growth in the whole region.

The Thirteenth Round of Negotiations for the Japan-Colombia Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA)

Since 31 August to 4 September, the Thirteenth Negotiation Round of the Economic Partnership Agreement between Japan and Colombia was held.

Randazzo traveled to China due to the freight locomotives

The Minister of the Interior and Transport, Florencio Randazzo, arrived at the People's Republic of China in order to visit the city of Chang Zhou, the plant where 100 freight locomotives are being built. Such devices will renew the fleet of Belgrano Cargas and Logística. (News in spanish).
Chilean official hails excellent Week of Chile in China

“The week of Chile in China was excellent”, according to Andrés Rebolledo of the DRIECON. (News in spanish).

Analysis of the Environment chapter of the TPP

A new meeting of the Fourth Quarter of the Trans-Pacific Agreement (TPP) was held in the facilities of the Dirección General de Relaciones Económicas Internacionales, DIRECON. The main issue was the state of the negotiations on environment matters. (News in spanish).

Argentina, China open new areas of agricultural trade

The Minister of Agriculture Carlos Casamiquela of Argentina had a meeting on 14 September with the Deputy Chief of the Administración General de Supervisión de Calidad, Inspección y Cuarentena (AQSIQ) Zhang Qinrong.  

Cuba, China agree to boost collaboration in tourism sector

The authorities of China and Cuba signed an understanding agreement on 16 September in order to cooperate in the touristic sector. 

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