Bulletin  N° 3, april 2014
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Next events

Seminar: “India: a partner for Latin America”
The Latin America-Asia Pacific Observatory invites to the seminar: “India: a partner for Latin America”.

The presentation will be held by the Ambassador Deepak Bhojwani, accompanied by Ambassador of India in Argentina: Amarendra Kathua, Director of the Regional Directorate of Asia, Africa and Oceania of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uruguay, Cesar Ferrer.

The activity will take place on 11 June, at 09:30 a.m., Sala Pinacoteca, at the ALADI Headquarters.

Outstanding activities 

First contest of essays 2014
The Latin America-Asia Pacific Observatory launches its first essays contest about “Trade and commercial relations between Latin America and Asia Pacific”.
Undergraduate and postgraduate students are invited to submit academic research papers.
Deadline: 29 August 2014.
 Visit to the Embassy of India in Buenos Aires
On 26 March 2014, the Coordinator of the Latin America-Asia Pacific Observatory visited the Ambassador of India in Buenos Aires Amarendra Khatua.

Visit of the Vice-Chancellor of India to Uruguay
On Friday, 11 April 2014, within the framework of an official visit to Uruguay, the Coordinator of the Observatory, Ignacio Bartesaghi, had a meeting with the Vice- Chancellor of India, Dinkar Khullar and the Director-General for Latin America, Riba Ganguly, who were accompanied by the Ambassador of India in Argentina, concurrent in Uruguay and Paraguay, Amarendra Khatua.




Presentation of the Coordinator of the Latin America-Asia Pacific Observatory
The transcription of the presentation by the Coordinator of the Latin America-Asia Pacific Observatory, Ignacio Bartesaghi, within the Committee of Representatives of the ALADI, in extraordinary session, on 19 February 2014, is published.



Outstanding publications 

“Ibero-American Analysis and Thought about China”
The Observatory of Chinese Politics, directed by Xulio Ríos, publishes the 11° edition of Jiexi Zhongguo. (Publication in Spanish).

“The Chinese economic transition: Progressing between the “moral risk” and the painful decisions”
The Center of Latin-American Studies about China and Universidad Andrés Bello present their paper nº 5, of April of this year. (Publication in Spanish).
“ASEAN Report”
The Argentinian Council of International Relations (CARI) and the Committee of Asian Affairs (ASEAN Group) present this paper. (Publication in Spanish).

“Argentina: Market Profile”
The Consulate of Trade Development of Hong Kong publishes this paper.

“China’s Third Plenum: Decisive Shifts towards a Market-Oriented Economy and People-Centric Urbanisation”
International Enterprise Singapore presents this publication

Business and academic activities

Asia-Pacific Trade Economists' Conference: "Trade in the Asian century - delivering on the promise of economic prosperity”
ARNeT (The Secretariat of the Asia-Pacific Research and Training Network on Trade), in its tenth anniversary, is organizing a high level conference of the economists for trade to be held on 22 - 23 September 2014, at the Conference Center of the United Nations in  Bangkok.

Seminar: “Latin America and its relations with China in a changing world”
The General Secretariat of the Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales and the CAF-Development Bank of Latin America invite to the seminar “Latin America and its relations with China in a changing world”. (News in Spanish).

Mexico-Japan Exchanges Program in Onjuku
On the occasion of the celebration of the “Year of the Mexico-Japan Exchange”, the Executive Committee of the Mission Hasekura and the Embassy of Japan in Mexico call for the Mexico-Japan Exchanges Program in Onjuku, to be held from 12 July from 9 August 2014. (News in Spanish).
Call for the submission of essays about the ASEAN
The Embassies of the member countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations in Buenos Aires (Kingdom of Thailand, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Malaysia, the Republic of Indonesia and the Republic of Philippines), with the collaboration of the universities and other participating academic institutions in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, announce the invitation for bachelor students and graduate academicians to participate in the Second Edition of the ASAN Essays Contest. (News in Spanish).

The 6th Latin America China Investors Forum
The Latin America China Investors Forum (LACIF) promotes an economic meeting between Latin America and China in September of this year.  

Thai business delegation visits Peru as part of the project to explore business and investment opportunities organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand
The economic delegation of Thailand visited Peru as a part of a Project in order to explore the business and the investments possibilities in that country.

Mexico, a logistics platform of advanced manufacture between Asia and North America
Mexico is an excellent partner since it has a wide network of free trade agreements which includes 45 countries, which turns us into a platform that goes beyond North America and gives the goods made in Mexico preferential access to more than one billion consumers and two thirds of the world Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the Director-General of Pro México, Francisco N. González Díaz stated during the event “Singapore, your entrance gate to Asia”. (News in Spanish).

Taiwan Trade Delegation Visits El Salvador for Trading Meetings
In order to promote the goods of Taiwan and establish a platform for the exchange and the collaboration between the Salvadoran companies and Taiwan, the Office of the Economic Adviser of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Embassy in El Salvador organized a meeting about trade between Salvadoran businessmen and Taiwan.

Team Thailand’s Economic Roadshow in Sinaloa, Mexico
The delegation of Thailand, led by the Ambassador Chirachai and Punkrasin made up of representatives of the Commercial Office of Thailand in Mexico and the Office of Investments in Los Angeles, paid an economic visit to the Mexican State of Sinaloa, so as to promote trade and investment between Thailand and Sinaloa. 

Agreements and negotiations

Wang Shouwen Addresses the Opening Ceremony of the 4th Round of Negotiations on RCEP
The 4th Round of Negotiations of RCEP was open in Nanning, Guangxi, on 21 March. 500 representations of 10 countries of the ASEAN, China, Japan, ROK, India, Australia and New Zealand participated in these negotiations.

Peru and New Zealand agree to increase the bilateral cooperation
On Monday, 31 March, the Fifth Meeting of the Mechanism de Political Consultations between Peru and New Zealand at the level of Directors-Generals was held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Such meeting aimed at assessing the bilateral relation as well the issues of mutual interest, in order to give new impetus and strengthen the cooperation in its diverse purviews. (News in Spanish).

Supplementary Agreement on Investments of the FTA between Chile and China
With the publication of the Official Gazette, as of Wednesday, 2 April, the Supplementary Agreement on Investments of the FTA between Chile and China began to rule at national level, and it will enable the protection of the investments reciprocally established in both countries in compliance with the rules in-force. (News in Spanish).

Successful meeting of representatives of CELAC with Minister of Foreign Affairs of China
Representatives of the Community of Latin-American and Caribbean States (CELAC) and China agreed to hold today, in Beijing, at the end of 2014 the first meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the common Forum, this was agreed at the Summit of Havana in January. (News in Spanish).
Panama and Singapore signed an agreement on air services
An Agreement on Air Services was signed, on Friday, by the Governments of Panama and Singapore, represented by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Franciscos Álvarez De Soto, and the Ambassador Mary Seet - Cheng, respectively. (News in Spanish).

Mexico and China conduct consultations about multilateral issues
The Undersecretary for Multilateral Affairs and Human Rights, Ambassador Juan Manuel Gómez Robledo, co-chaired today, in Beijing, China, the Second Meeting of the Mexico - China Consultations Mechanism about Multilateral Issues. The Chinese delegation was led by the Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs, Li Baodong. (News in Spanish).

Government of El Salvador signs cooperation agreement with Taiwan for the  initiative “One village, one product”
 The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jaime Miranda Flamenco, participated as a witness of honor of the signing of the technical cooperation agreement with the Republic of China (Taiwan) for the initiative “One Village, one product”, whereby products related to a certain community are identified and promoted, generating a sense of pride and belonging among its members, but mainly the economic development in its towns is promoted. (News in Spanish).
Argentina and India deepen their bilateral agenda
The Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Eduardo Zuain, and the Secretary (West) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of India, Dinkar Khullar, led the delegations of both countries which held today the eighth bilateral meeting of political consultations. (News in Spanish). 


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