Bulletin  N° 11, December 2014
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Next events

Second Academic Seminar of the Latin America - Asia Pacific Observatory
It will be held on 8 and 9 July 2015, at the ECLAC Headquaters, Santiago de Chile.   The "call for papers" will be presented soon.


Boletín Estadístico América Latina - Asia Pacífico
The Latin America – Asia Pacific Observatory publishes the statistical bulletin, number 5, first half of 2014.


Outstanding publications 

Perfiles Económicos Asia - Pacífico 2014
The Chilean Foundation of the Pacific publishes a report including macroenomic antecedents, foreign trade, political structure and economic relations of Chile with fourteen economies of the Asia-Pacific region. (Publication in Spanish).

La Alianza del Pacífico y el MERCOSUR. Hacia la convergencia en la diversidad
The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) publishes a document about the Pacific Alliance and the Mercosur. (Publication in Spanish).

Casos exitosos de empresas latinoamericanas en Asia
Adriana Roldán Pérez presents a publication about the economic relations between Asia and Latin America, which focuses especially on successful Latin-American companies established in Asia. (Publication in Spanish).

Versión N°26 de Innovación China
The Universidad Andrés Bello of the Facultad de Ciencias Sociales and the Centro de Estudios Latinoamericanos sobre China publish bulletin number 26 for December 2014. (Publication in Spanish).

Boletín N°4 Octubre 2014
The Centro de Estudios Asia Pacífico (CEAP) publishes the bulletin number 4 for period October – November 2014. (Publication in Spanish).

Business and academic activities 

Director of the Instituto de Estudios Latinoamericanos de China referred to the  impact of the reforms of the Asian giant on our region
The reforms undertaken by the Government of Xi Jinping are an interest issue in Latin America, since the structural changes in the economy of the Asian giant may influence directly the foreign trade of the countries of the region. In order to deepen this issue, we spoke to Wu Baiyi, Director of the Instituto de Estudios Latinoamericanos de la Academia China de Ciencias Sociales, who visited Chile on 23 November 2014 as so to participate in several academic activities in Santiago. (News in Spanish).

Universidad Gabriela Mistral strengthens academic links and cooperation with China
The Dean of the School of Engineering and Business was invited to visit Shenzhen by agencies and organizations interested in strengthening the integration of Design with Business, Engineering, Innovation, as well as to get to know strategies for improving the business initiatives and creative industries. (News in Spanish).

Biliang Hu of the Instituto de Mercados Emergentes de China: “We may reach the economic development with social policies”
Biliang Hu is currently the Director of the Instituto de Mercados Emergentes of Beijing, apart from the author of several books about the economic situation in the Asian giant, such as the “Informal institutions and rural development in China” and “New transformations in the Chinese economy”.  He visited Chile on 26 November, 2014, where he spoke about the future of Latin America and China, the transition from emerging country to developed country and the role of science and technology. (News in Spanish).

Toyota explores possibilities of investment in Paraguay
President Horacio Cartes offered plenty of guarantees to the Director-General of Toyota Motor Corporation Casa Matriz and CEO for Toyota Latinoamérica y el Caribe, Steve St. Angelo. (News in Spanish).

Giorgi called Japanese companies to expand their investment plans in Argentina
Before more than 300 corporative directors, the Minister of Industry, Débora Giorgi, enumerated the different companies of Japanese capitals developing investments in the country, and assured that "these are the reflection and our best introduction, since they grew and continue growing". (News in Spanish).

China, Brazil to enhance satellite cooperation
China and Brazil committed to deepen their cooperation in the development of satellites and applications, according to high level officials from both parties.

Economic Leadership Forum, Australia-Chile: Platforms of Asia Pacific
The Economic Leadership Forum “Australia – Chile: Platforms of Asia Pacific” was held on 11 and 12 December 2014.

This is an activity of the Government of Australia through its Embassy in Chile, and of the Australia-Chile Chamber of Commerce (Auscham). (News in Spanish).

Agreements and negotiations

Entry into force of new FTA between Chile and Hong Kong, China
Upon the publication in the Official Gazette, the entry into force of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Chile and Hong Kong, China, agreement with a view to opening wide opportunities for both parties, for both trade in goods and services. For  Chile, the geographical location of Hong Kong, China, on the southeast coast of China, gives a strategic position in the region, being an entrance and exit door in Asia Pacific. (News in Spanish).

Upon the reopening of the market, Taiwan received the first cargo of Paraguayan meat
The Ambassador of the Republic of Paraguay in China - Taiwan, Marcial Bobadilla, with members of the diplomatic representation, visited on Monday 2 December of this year the Headquarters of the companies Shuh Sen Co. Ltd. in the city of Taipei, in order to see the unloading of the first export container of 23 tons of Paraguayan beef, thus the first cargo of this good came true upon the reopening of the Taiwanese in April 2014. (News in Spanish).

Minister of Foreign Affairs lectured on the XXIX Joint Meeting of the Bussiness Committee Chile-Japan
On 2 December, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Heraldo Muñoz, lectured on the XXIX Joint Meeting of the Business Committee Chile - Japan. During his participation, the Minister highlighted that Chile and Japan have a privileged relationship since late nineteenth century. (News in Spanish).

Congress approves the first FTA debate with Korea
The second commissions of the Senate and Chamber of Representatives approved on 3 December the Trade Agreement with Korea, which was signed on 21 February 2013. (News in Spanish).

Robb to visit South America
The Minister of Trade and Investments Andrew Robb visited Brazil, Peru and Chile on 6 - 13 December in order to promote bilateral trade and investment and to explore ways to improve the participation of Australia in the region.

Japan supports cooperation projects in Uruguay
The economic cooperation of the Government of Japan with Latin America and the Caribbean exceeds 30 billion dollars, which is considered by the Japanese Government as an “investment” for coming generations or the so-called principle of a “Proactive contribution to peace”. (News in Spanish).
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