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Newsletter No 7

Saturday 12th April 2014
Derek continued work on fabrication of the dinghy support
Brian Ray and Tony finished preparation of the boiler for the ‘cold inspection’.
Another batch of condenser tubes were unblocked / cleaned.

Present: Derek Brian Ray and Tony
Wednesday 16th April 2014
Andrew Reen of SFP arrived to carry out the cold inspection and all was to his satisfaction (rather a long day as he was held up on the M25 and didn’t arrive till 16.45) A cup of Vic 96 tea quickly fortified him.
A provisional booking was made for the ‘steam test’ for the 1st of May at 14.00.
Present: Derek, Ray and Tony
Saturday 19th April 2014
Jim cleaned and painted the internal faces of the vents
Work was carried out re rigging the pulleys and cables for the derrick, and the derrick boom was repainted.
The rear access furnace door of the boiler was refitted, pipe joints remade after winter drain down. 5 x mud hole doors refitted complete with new gaskets. A further batch of condenser tubes cleaned.
Present: Derek, Jason, Claire, Pam, Bill, Arthur, Ray, Brian, Jim, Tony, Julian, and Joanna
Tuesday 22nd April 2014
‘Coaling up’. With assistance from the Kent crew the Vic was moved to a convenient position for the driver of the coal lorry to use the Hi-ab. 6 tons loaded into the Port bunker 5 ton to  the Stbd  bunker and 1 ton to the hold.
Brian and Ray completed condenser tube cleaning.
Ian produced the newly renovated Sissons steam generator plant which was duly lifted onto the Vic and positioned ready for lowering into position in the engine room. Lifting tackle was organised and the Sissons was eventually positioned onto its base plate previously fabricated and fitted by Ian.
The Vic was moved back to its mooring on the pontoon.
Present: Brian, Dave, Ray, Steve, Bill, Ian, Derek and Tony.
Wednesday 23rd April 2014
The Sissons steam generator plant was bolted and secured onto its base.
Modifications to the pipe work were started.
The handrails removed for access were refitted.
Present Ian and Derek
Friday 25th April 2014 (Evening shift)
In discussion with Julian it was decided that a Belzona repair to the condenser division plate would be more agreeable than leaving it in its corroded condition.
A wise decision, as on doing the preparatory work it was found to be a lot less substantial than thought. In fact holes appeared when getting it back to sound metal.
A substantial repair was carried out with excellent result. A big thank you to Julian and Joanna and the job was finished at 01.00 Saturday morning.
Present Julian and Joanna
Saturday 26th April 2014
The condenser tube plates were given a final clean and the end covers fitted.
The boiler filled with water and the manhole door fitted.
Present Derek and Tony
Next working sessions
Wednesday 30th April. To light up the boiler and tighten the door joints and check for leaks. Refit condenser pipe work. Ian to carry on with the Sissons pipe work etc.
Thursday 1st May. Boiler ‘In Steam’ test by Andrew Reen
Regards Tony

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