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The VIC 96 Trust

Newsletter No 8

Wednesday 30th April 2014
Boiler water level checked, fire laid and lit.  Condenser pipe work refitted.  Work continued with Sissons pipe work installation.  20psi registering on gauge  at 18.00hrs no leaks apparent. 
Present: Ian, Ray, Derek and Tony
Thursday 1st May 2014
08.30 grate cleaned and fire lit (10 psi on gauge).  Work progressed on the Sissons installation.  Further work was carried out on the dinghy support frames.  The access ladder from the ship / pontoon was installed. 
The Donkey pump and the W/Simpson pump were tested and the engine turned at low rpm and initial checks on the condenser carried out for leaks and operation.
The wiring from the Sissons unit was temporarily installed. The system was run and tested and the charging rate checked.
Andrew Reen of SFP arrived at approx 16.00 after a long hold up on the M25 and once again was fortified by a cup of Vic 96 tea. The ‘steam test’ was carried out, safety valves checked, all other relevant items checked / tested and all went well.
Present: Derek, Ian, Brian, Ray, Julian, Jeremy and Tony
Saturday 3rd May 2014
Ian and Arthur completed the wiring to the new Sissons generator set.  Ian later gave detailed instructions on how to operate to Jim.
The Stuart Turner, which has given excellent service together with its bus dynmo were removed and loaded into Ian’s Landrover.  Hoses run out and forepeak tank partially filled.  General tidying up of the decks by Bill.
Present: Ian, Arthur, Jim, Derek and Bill
Saturday 10th May 2014
It is proposed to give the engine a thorough clean and service. Particularly the condenser circulating pump for freedom of operation and replacement of the pump rod packings with a more suitable material. The stem packings on the boiler blowdown valve need replacing. Also cure leak on the middle of the three tri-cocks (which has a steady drip). A further steam up is required at the earliest opportunity to fully test the engine, condenser, winch and Sissons installation.
Regards Tony 

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