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The VIC 96 Trust

Newsletter No 4 - 24th February 2014

Saturday 22nd February 2014
Present: Derek, Frank, Brian, Ray, Steve, Nigel, Pam, Bill and Tony.
Certainly a good turn out for the work party.  Work progressed on the condenser service repairs. Since our last visit Frank has taken the outboard cover and arranged for a new one to be cast and machined.

Meanwhile work started on removing the extension flange at the inboard end.  (The extension flange houses the inlet and outlet branches for the sea water system plus the division plate).  The corrosion particularly on the division plate is very heavy and the general opinion is that a new one will need to be cast.  Removing it is easier said than done as it has not been removed since originally fitted.  Due to the corrosion on the shanks of the studs and bolts it will  be almost impossible to remove the extension flange without causing damage, so it will necessitate the use of a Mag drill to remove the studs and bolts.
Derek, Nigel and Pam worked on Barking to service the stove and spring clean the wheel house and cabin.  The stove appears to be the worse for wear and ended up as a pile of parts in the back of Derek’s Land Rover awaiting a decision on its fate.
Bill spent the day in the sunshine checking the mooring lines and re-whipping where necessary.
Next working party – Saturday 8th March 2014
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