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Upcoming Events:

4/10, 4/17, 4/24, 5/1 - Yoga for CrossFit Athletes @ 8:30 AM & 6:00 PM

4/15 - Intro to CrossFit 515 @ 6:00 PM

5/9 - 5/11 - CrossFit Games North Central Regional (Navy Pier, Chicago)
Athlete of the Month:
Shelly Braunschweig
She likes Eminem…just don't let her son know.

Learn more about Shelly by clicking here to read the full interview 
2014 CrossFit Open
at CrossFit 515
Over five weeks, 52 athletes from 515 took on The Open in the worlds largest CrossFit competition. Whether you were working for a trip to regionals, competing against a buddy, or just testing yourself, everybody takes something away from The Open. Hopefully, you took away something more than just soreness.

515 is a pretty awesome place in it's own right, but the atmosphere around The Open is incredible. The support from other members and the overall amazing efforts were awesome to witness and be part of. Great job everyone!
2014 CrossFit Games North Central Regional

For the 4th year in a row there will be a CrossFit 515 presence at the North Central Regional competition. After five Open workouts  Bobby (1st North Central Region/8th worldwide), Jaime (25th North Central Region), and Kady (41st North Central Region) have earned the right to compete at the next stage held at Navy Pier in Chicago on May 9 - 11.

Joining Jaime, Bobby and Kady at the next stage of competition is Shelley who earned 17th place in the world in the Masters 55-59 after The Open events. She will take part in an additional online competition to determine who will be awarded a trip to Carson, California at the CrossFit Games.

Last year the CrossFit 515 team took 3rd place overall at the Regional Competition and was able to nab 2 event wins (event 4 & event 6).

Each year the competition gets stronger, faster and more competitive. Making it to Regionals continues to be a greater accomplishment each year as competition grows. To be able to consistently have representatives from our gym for the last four years is impressive, to say the least. 

These athletes work their butts off to not only continually increase their level of fitness year round but constantly seeking improvement in the sport of CrossFit, which has its own distinct demands as well. Best of all, they are all proud to represent all of us at 515!

If anyone is on the fence about making the trip to Chicago, we strongly encourage you to come and help cheer on 515! It's a fun weekend, very spectator friendly and the bigger the 515 presence the better! 
We had a motivated and fun group for the 515 Kids Spring Break Training Camp. Athletes were exposed to some lifting fundamentals, mobility exercises and some fun team workouts.

We will be continuing the 515 Kids program this summer with more information coming soon!
Going the Distance
by Justin Vaught

Before CrossFit, my love belonged to distance running. I could run fast. And I could run fast for a long time. I loved the culture of running, I liked being known as "the runner" among my friends, I liked being able to cruise in and around 6:00 minute mile pace for a 10 miler and hell, I even embraced the short shorts. Like, really short shorts. Running was a huge piece of my identity through high school and college. So it was a pretty tough decision when I finally decided to hang up my spikes entering my senior year at Drake. WTF do I do now?

Running became my main focus my junior year of high school at Valley. I was a fairly one dimensional runner. I was able to lock in a solid pace and not really deviate far from it. Don't expect much of a kick, and don't ask me to run anything under a mile with any speed.

In high school I was able to stay injury free, kept a pretty low weekly mileage (compared to other top competitors) and had a decent amount of success: 3rd Place in 4A State XC, Top 30 Foot Locker Midwest Regional, Drake Relays 1600m/3200m and scored points for our team when we won the 4A State Track Championships my senior year. I was having a lot of fun and ready to accomplish even more at the next level.

For the most part, the creed in the distance world has always revolved around volume. Get your long, slow miles in. Typically, there is much more emphasis on quantity than there is on quality. In college I continually worked to push my limits (which isn't a bad thing) in mileage, usually before my body was ready for it (not the best thing). Even though I had previously had success as a low mileage runner, I consistently felt like more volume was the key to excelling at the collegiate level. 

My collegiate running career lasted 3 years but it's a pretty short story. Injury, build back up, injury, build back up, injury. I spent more time in the pool rehabbing than I did running the trails with my teammates. It drove me insane, but I worked my ass off to get back in racing shape only to fall back in the injury cycle.

Knowing what I know now it seems fairly obvious. For one, I was 145 lb.'s of nothing. Distance runners need to be light but I was a skeleton. I was physically weak, inflexible (still am, but it's gotten much better) and honestly, fairly mentally weak. 

Enter CrossFit. By definition: Constantly varied, functional movements at high intensity. My slightly altered definition: How well can you move under different physical demands, and how quickly you can do it. I moved pretty awful. I didn't incorporate enough variety in my training. I tended to strive and aspire to have the capacity for more long, slow training than shorter, intense workouts. I'm not a betting man but I would put a lot of money on a different outcome for my running career if I would have incorporated CrossFit into my training. Although CrossFit is designed to increase general overall fitness, programmed appropriately and paired with sport specific training it can do wonders for athletes in any sport including endurance sports. And for a low mileage, frail runner like myself, this style of training would have been incredibly beneficial.

Below is a link to one of my favorite CrossFit videos showing Jason Khalipa's training towards the 2013 CrossFit Games and how endurance played a big role in his success. Additionally, former elite Triathlete Chris Hinshaw discusses the benefits of CrossFit for everyone, including endurance athletes.

Ironman Meets the California Bear with Chris Hinshaw, Jason Khalipa, and Garret Fisher

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