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3 Questions and a Song – Episode 033 – Interview Session with Jozey and the Corruption -

Jozey & the Corruption is a high energy, dirty, sleazy three chord driven hard rock trio, straight from the Rust Belt and the Rubber City! Taking inspiration from hard rocking bands like Kiss, AC/DC, The Brides of Destruction, The New York Dolls, Airborne, Guns N Roses and The Rolling Stones, they have forged their own style of hard rock and roll in the truest form!

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Dawn of Ashes – Sleep Paralysis -

Los Angeles Industrial act Dawn of Ashes announced they are releasing a new album known as Antinomian, slated to be released on July 10th. The lead man Kristof Bathory has said this will be their best album yet, and if the single “Sleep Paralysis” is any indication, that very well may be true. If anything, Dawn of Ashes has been about evolving their sound. They incorporated elements of Dark Electro, Industrial, Heavy Metal, and even...

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SaVenger Debut Album – Future Nerves -

SaVenger has been working on writing songs for the last two and a half years. Hailing from Gibsonia, PA, the band wrote, recorded, mixed and mastered their first full-length album in their drummer’s home studio. Future Nerves dropped on May 5th, 2020 and it is well worth the listen. Combining punk-inspired vocals and heavy, driving guitar riffs, saVenger creates a unique style of straight-ahead Melodic Metal. The album leads with its single, “Friends of Failure”...

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the Pennsylvania Rock Show Episode 515 Interview Session -

Shawn, Tim, and JR of Unbroken Soul stop by to chat with Bill about what they have been up to, the release of their track from the upcoming Rattle Clack compilation, and more.

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Find Your MUSE: Seethe – “Anywhere But Here” -

Seethe - Anywhere but HereCheck out “Anywhere but Here” the latest from Seethe, the side project of Patrick McElravy of 9 Stitch Method. If you like bands such as Marilyn Manson or AWOLNATION then you will love this!! The song itself is primal but primal with a beat to it. While watching I found myself nodding my head not only to the rhythm of the music, but to the lyrics as well, as they relate to the need to...

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Talion – Wretched Gift of Life -

Talion is a thrash metal band that hails from Pittsburgh, PA, and on March 27th, they released their latest EP known as Wretched Gift of Life. Featuring 5 blistering tracks of mayhem, the album begins by luring you in with a gentle touch before pounding you with non stop in your face thrash metal. The lead singer Nick Fischer displays his voice talents, being able to go from screams to singing within a matter of...

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The Art of Burning Bridges

The Art of Burning Bridges, which includes 2 members of the former band Fountain Infinity (and one member of September Mourning), who came and performed live in our studio back in 2005. The Art of Burning Bridges – Segment 1 You were on a bit of a hiatus, what is going on album wise? We...
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Weed Demon-Crater Maker -

Columbus, Ohio’s Weed Demon have been lurking in the shadows for about 5 years, creating and relasing a handful of recordings since their formation, including an EP and two full-length albums. The latest, Crater Maker, is an underground mine explosion that measures 6 tracks wide, 45 minutes long, and 5 kilotons in strength. This infernal pit of sludge and doom begins with a short, innocuous instrumental composition only to detonate with another, much longer and...

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Brady Novotny 3QS032

The 3 Questions for Brady Novotny Due to the current stay-at-home orders in Pennsylvania, we’ve all adapted our daily lives. I personally have resorted to adding video to my podcasts and teaching from my kitchen, How has the situation altered your career as a musician? If they were going to make a cartoon episode about...
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Wounded Moose PARS513

Wounded MooseDan joined Bill for a second go at it, for Episode 513 to discuss what’s been going with his solo act and his band, Wounded Moose. What have you been up to, besides the quarantine situation? What have you missed out on due to the stay at home order? Have you used this time to...
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Automb-Chaosophy -

From the icy, bitter, perpetual night of space arrived Automb. Allow your imagination to blind you to the fact that they were formed by a European immigrant and a Connecticut transplant. Do not be deceived by their relative youth. Automb are vessels for gods long lost and older than the eldest sun. Chaosophy, the now three-piece act’s second album, is a cry from a void, a primordial frequency that only occultists can decipher, hurled from...

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Rainscape Drop – “Low Tide” -

Rainscape call their style of music “Doomericana,” which implies a sort of “Bluegrass Sabbath” sound. With just a 3-track 2018 EP out prior to the release of their latest single, Rainscape are obviously just getting their tires wet. What I’m hearing with “Low Tide” is a sort of psychedelic. desert grunge. Think maybe Mother Love Bone partying with King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard and Kyuss. If dreamy, hair-band melodies, jangly guitars, and fuzzy Seattle dino-riffs...

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Brady Novotny “Redemption’s Cry” – A Look at the Lyrics -

  The story behind Redemption’s Cry is kind of a mysterious one. I remember that it was a warm September evening. I went down to my studio to just play my guitar. I really just wanted to play and not to write, but somehow this song was ready to be birthed. When the baby is ready to come out, there is no stopping it. So as I was noodling around I started to play this...

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The Drunk Rock Show PARS512

Neil Donnelly of The Drunk Rock Show and Drunk Rock Reacts came to chat with Bill to talk about the scene, candy, and answer some questions. Neil provides Podcasts and YouTube content focused on music, film/television, and pop-culture. Neil, why don’t you give the listeners an idea of what The Drunk Rock Show is about?...
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For COS and Country – Mick Michaels PARS511

For COS and CountryMick Michaels of the band Corners of Sanctuary out of Philadephia Joins Bill on Episode 511 to talk about their new EP For COS and Country, how the Cornonavirus has affected the band, the shortening of their European tour, trying to play live and practice over the internet, Judas Priest, KISS, Vinnie Vincent, Cartoon characters...
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