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The Birthday Massacre – Diamonds -

The Birthday Massacre DiamondsThe Birthday Massacre, hailing from Canada, released their 8th album Diamonds, and what an album it is. It is very fitting, especially during this time where things seem uncertain and everything looks dark. The album‘s theme is about being guided from the dark back into the light, providing a beacon of hope, which is very much needed especially now. The music is just as magical and soaring as ever with the beautiful and ethereal vocals...

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The Millaze “Quarantunes” Quarantine Challenge -

Millaze quarantineIt’s a tough time for those of us who are used to being out and about. It’s even worse when we’ve learned to count on the extra income from gigs, photo and video shoots, weddings, etc. With the quarantine we are all relegated to a very small fraction of our worlds right now. Many artists have taken to putting that time to good use by taking their performances online, providing online lessons and extra videos...

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Millaze – The Malaise, Teaser Vs. Warning -

MillazeWhen Millaze first described her music as Piano Dreamhop, I was thoroughly confused. I got the piano part. It was the “Dreamhop” part that gave me pause. And then I got to listen to her current EP, The Malaise – Teaser Vs. Warning and it all made sense. I have always chosen music that was over-stimulating: Progressive Rock, Classical, Jazz, Heavy Metal. This was definitely not in my comfort zone. Of course, the music I...

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An Interview with Miss Freddye -

Miss Freddye BluesI was fortunate enough to chat with Blues Diva, Miss Freddye, who was the 2018 Blues Foundation Double Nominee for Best Emerging Artist and the Koko Taylor Award (Traditional Blues Female). Miss Freddye, tell us how you got your start, and why you wanted to sing the blues. I started singing at a young age with some neighborhood kids. I did not think I could sing. Started singing in church at 15 and, oh boy!...

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Cait Devin Releases Unplugged Album -

Cait Devin UnpluggedThe world always needs more female artists. In a time where female empowerment is at its most after years of suppression, there’s not a better time for female musicians and singers to prevail. Cait Devin is one of those artists as she brings her soft album Cait Devin (Unplugged) into view. Devin is an alternative pop and indie singer-songwriter. She got her start in New York with her EP Gemini Rising and has continued to persist in...

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Progressive Metal Band, Joviac, Hits Hard With “Here and Now” -

Joviac Here and Now“What you do is what the whole universe is doing at the place you call Here and Now.” That’s how the intro to Joviac’s second studio album Here and Now starts off. It’s clear from the beginning intro of the album that this is going to be a deep journey into philosophical and conceptual viewpoints and hard-hitting music. Joviac is a progressive metal band from Finland who are working to progress metal as it is and...

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Runts-Runts -

RuntsIf you have followed my work at First Angel Media at all in the past year, you have probably picked up on the fact that I have an unnatural love for two specific kinds of Metal subgenres: Alternative Metal and Mathcore. Runts have recently dropped their debut EP and I am in my car as we speak, heading to the closest Hot Topic to purchase a white belt, skinny jeans (as unflattering as that image...

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Frank Vieira

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Ryder – Hard Time -

Ryder Hard RockRyder is a hard rock band hailing from Queens, NY, who are looking to release their debut album Killer Karma sometime in May of 2020. It will consist of 10 tracks and to give us a taste, they are releasing a single called “Hard Time”, along with an acoustic song called “Crash and Burn“. If this is any indication of what the album itself will sound like, we will be in for a treat. The...

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Keep the Scene Alive PARS509

Jana, from First Angel Media, joins Bill to talk about ways that musicians can keep the music alive during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Some ways that First Angel Media can help you.. A Look at the Lyrics – e-mail Find your Muse(ic) – e-mail Check out all the services that FAM can offer here. How Build...
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Lucifer III by Lucifer -

Lucifer IIIBare-chested leather jacket enthusiasts everywhere rejoice… European polynational super group Lucifer are back with “Lucifer III”. They have eschewed their previous vintage tube amp cream laden sound for a sound even creamier with even more vintage tube amps. Grab your inexplicable leather police hat and slip into the reddest lipstick you can find while we take a look at this 1973 party rocker that actually came out in 2020. *AHEM* To be honest when I...

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Frank Vieira 3QS20

The 3 Questions for Frank Vieira How has the recent life shutdown affected you as an artist, and what adjustments have you made to keep yourself in the minds of your fans? What is something about playing country music in Pittsburgh that you would want artists who have not been here to know? Where is...
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Panteon – Death and Darkness -

Panteon hails from Brownsville, Texas and they have the reputation of being the pioneers of extreme metal in Texas, which their latest album Death and Darkness displays that perfectly. Valdo on bass, Hannibal on vocals, and Aaron Panteon on drums combine together as well oiled brutal assault to prove that they mean business. They come out fast, fierce and deadly, and leave just as quickly as they came, leaving only dust and piles of bodies...

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Abandon All Hope PARS508

Skarlett Sky‘s Ash and Greg stop in to talk a little about their new EP, Abandon All Hope, and the world as it is today. We also end up talking about cars and other things. Segment 1 – Abandon All Hope How has the virus affected your band schedule? The timing of the dropping of...
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Filthy Music PARS507

Jesse from Filthy Music Entertainment joins Bill. FME’s services include a wide variety of press and promotional services such as single reviews, album reviews, music promotion and more. The bigger you buy the more you’re guaranteed! We have something for just about any band’s budget. Segment 1 with FILTHY MUSIC Entertainment I haven’t heard from...
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