LAFORGE Optical Update

Hello <<First Name>>,

Today is the day, that I can confidently say that we are ready to introduce you to a device that straddles the categories of eyewear, wearable tech, and fashion. Next week, Shima by LAFORGE will be available for pre-order.

Pre-Orders start on December 17th at 7AM Pacific Time

For the past month, we have been testing our servers and writing code to ensure that you will be able to quickly and safely pre-order regardless of which country you live in. I strongly encourage you to create an account on so you can confirm that all of your shipping and billing information is accurate and stored before pre-orders commence.

Alpha + Beta = $590
In order to simplify the process and cut down on confusion, you will only be given the option to order the "Alpha-Beta" from the Launch Edition collection when pre-ordering. The price will be $590 plus shipping and you will receive two pairs of our digital eyewear: an Alpha model some time in April or May and a Beta model (with many improvements) before the end of 2016. Please note that the Launch Edition is limited to 2,013 units. Once they have sold out, you will only be able to order the Beta Model with a camera at $690

Frame & Color Selection for pre-orders starts in January
Though frame styles have been finalized we are still working on colors. All frames will feature an anodized metal front that will come in a choice of black, dark grey, and a very luxurious burgundy. Expect to see our models wearing these at the beginning of the year once we have finished our film shoot. For those of you making pre-orders, you will have to wait until January to select your frame style and color. Looking below you can see some sketches that are indicative of the four frame styles we will be offering. There will be two masculine styles, one unisex style, and one feminine style ready for the Alpha release of the Launch Edition. It is our goal to offer an additional 6 styles for the Beta release of the Launch Edition.

Promotional Video and New Photos release in January

The launch on the 17th is being used to test additional systems on the website before we do a heavy push for sales in January. Sometime in January, you will notice that we will be featuring more images with our collection of digital eyewear on professional models as well as a couple of promotional videos that introduce and detail Shima by LAFORGE. Pre-Ordering next week is your best chance at beating the January rush. 

Shipments Start on April 27th, 2016

We have made enough progress when it comes to tooling and testing to say that the product will start shipping towards the end of April. It should take us approximately 2 months to manifest these orders.


New User Interface

We have been improving the user interface that you will see when wearing our digital eyewear and your feedback has been helpful. Below you can see our 4th iteration of the UI design. Changes were made so that it is styled more similarly to the temples of the eyewear and has been further simplified, since many of you thought that the previous interface was 'too busy'. Let us know your thoughts. We will be making minor tweaks to this over the next few months. 

Drive Mode Note that we have blurred the background to emphasize the user interface

Normal Mode Note that we have blurred the background to emphasize the user interface

Active Mode (for fitness) Note that we have blurred the background to emphasize the user interface

Developer's Lounge Launches in April 2016

We have delayed work on the LAFORGE Lounge developer portal until January of 2016 in order to focus more resources on the eCommerce website and building out other bits of infrastructure. As a reminder, Lounge is where developers upload the code for widgets that will be run on the LAFORGE platform. Currently, we are working on creating the software assets that will enable developers to monetize their widgets without the use of ads. We will give out more details on this and our subscription based widget model in early 2016.

Paks (Pre-Installed Widgets)
It was never my intention to make shima part of a closed system nor was it my intention to create every single widget that you will use on this platform. Though you will have the ability to run any widget available to the platform, it was my goal to allow the best developers who really understand the LAFORGE philosophy of Augmented Reality to have their software ship pre-installed on our digital eyewear. We are calling these 'Paks' and they are bundles of software that fit into different themes (sports, fitness, finance, navigation, etc). My goal is to have wearers opt-out of these rather than opt-in to them so they will be exposed to what is possible. Expect to hear more about this towards April of 2016.

LAFORGE MD (Medical Devices)
We have also been working on a medical device that is targeted at surgeons and anesthesiologists. Anyone who is pre-ordering shima for a medical device should email so we can make sure that we get you the right version. This version will ship a little after the consumer device.

Here is a quick image of several of our circuit boards; each pair of glasses will have a single board. Note that the height of each board is shorter than that of a dime and is 3mm thick.



Thanks for your continued support,


Corey Mack
CEO & Head of Design

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