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Welcome to the July issue of the EOMF E-News!  This e-letter will help us keep our members, partners and communities current on all the latest news and events on a regular basis.

Invasive Species Centre Announces Expansion of Community Action Network into Eastern Ontario
Media Release, Invasive Species Centre… “The Invasive Species Centre is pleased to announce new funding support from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, to engage communities in environmental protection in the Eastern Ontario’s Quinte, Kingston and Rideau area.  This program will train volunteers with the skills and resources needed to better detect and reduce invasive species in Ontario, one community at a time.  The Invasive Species Centre, in partnership with the Ontario Invasive Plant Council, is excited to begin this eastern expansion with the Eastern Ontario Model Forest.”  More details
Quinte Conservation tree plantations now FSC-certified
Luke Hendry.… “Quinte Conservation’s forest plantations are now certified as meeting an international sustainability standard.  The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification is proof the lands and trees are managed to high standards, said Tim Trustham, the conservation area’s lands operations coordinator.  “It raised our game,” he said. It said it makes Quinte Conservation’s forest operations more transparent.  To be certified, a product must meet numerous principles ranging from the rights of indigenous people, communities and workers to environmental stewardship.  Quinte’s certification was obtained through the forest certification program of the Eastern Ontario Model Forest.”   More details
Decision Relating to Species at Risk and Forest Operations in Crown Forests in Ontario
From Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks… "A decision notice (ERO #019-1955) has been posted on Ontario’s Environmental Registry with regard to the government’s decision to amend Ontario Regulation 242/08 under the Endangered Species Act, 2007 (ESA), relating to species at risk and forest operations in Crown forests in Ontario.  The amendment of Ontario Regulation 242/08 to extend the temporary regulatory approach under the ESA maintains the current conditions and provides additional time to consider the implementation of a long-term approach for forest operations. The amendment to the regulation came into force on June 29, 2020, and will be in effect until June 30, 2021.”
Trees, Tech, and Climate Change
Patricia Miller,… “From paper goods to lumber and wildlife habitat to recreation, our forests provide value in countless ways. However, forest management is a complex science.  It requires advanced technology, collaboration, and an eye toward sustainability.  One technology being implemented throughout the forestry industry is LIDAR, a remote sensing method that uses light to measure distances. Forest management services can now use LIDAR to map forest canopy surfaces, tree structures, and underlying forest topography.”  More details
Asian longhorned beetle declared eradicated in the cities of Mississauga and Toronto
From Canadian Food Inspection Agency… “The Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, Marie-Claude Bibeau, with the Minister of Natural Resources, Seamus O'Regan, announced today that the Asian longhorned beetle (ALHB) has been eradicated from the cities of Mississauga and Toronto in the province of Ontario. This was the only known population of ALHB in Canada. ALHB is a highly destructive wood-boring pest of maples and other hardwood trees including poplar, birch and willow. It has the potential to devastate Canada's hardwood and maple syrup industries.”  More details
How Small Family Forests Can Help Meet the Climate Challenge
Gabriel Popkin, Yale Environment 360…  “As efforts grow to store more CO2 emissions in forests, one sector has been overlooked — small, family-owned woodlands, which comprise 38 percent of U.S. forests. Now, a major conservation initiative is aiming to help these owners manage their lands for maximum carbon storage.  In April, the environmental nonprofits The Nature Conservancy (TNC), American Forest Foundation (AFF), and Vermont Land Trust announced two new programs, powered by a $10-million rocket boost from the tech giant Amazon, to funnel funds from carbon emitters to small landowners like Leiby eager to grow larger, healthier forests.”  More details
Toilet paper wars: Contested report claims TP production devastating Canadian forests
Karin Larsen, CBC News… “The toilet paper crisis of 2020 will probably be remembered as a strange and humorous aside to the COVID-19 pandemic.  But a new report from the U.S.-based Natural Resources Defence Council says there's a different but more worrisome toilet paper crisis now looming in Canada, and it's driving global climate change.  The Issue with Tissue 2.0: How the tree-to-toilet pipeline fuels our climate crisis, claims that a million acres of Canadian boreal forest is being clear cut every year, with a significant portion of the virgin wood fibre going to large American toilet paper producers.  The Forest Products Association of Canada says the report contains numerous false claims and accusations.   President and CEO Derek Nighbor says the characterization that Canadian forests are being cut down to make toilet paper is patently untrue, and that the report is an exercise in "wanton polarizaton." More details
U.S. Lobby Group’s Review of Canada’s Forests Misses
Media Release, Forest Products Association of Canada… “Since the COVID-19 pandemic was declared, Canada’s forest products industry has been hard at work delivering urgently needed, critical products that are helping Canadians and Americans weather this unprecedented crisis.  Despite the value placed on our products, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), a U.S.-based lobby group, has chosen this time to release a report critical of Canada’s forest sector. Regrettably, this report misrepresents our industry and makes numerous false claims and accusations. It states, for example, that toilet paper production is putting the boreal forests at risk. In reality, forest products from Canada’s boreal region can be counted among the most responsibly made in the world.” More details
Forestry Giant Discovers Downside of Planting Millions of Trees
Laura Millan Lombrana,… ““A multi-decade state program to subsidize tree planting in one of South America’s wealthiest nations led to a loss of biodiversity and did little to increase the forests’ capacity to capture greenhouse gases.  Chile’s plantation forests more than doubled between 1986 and 2011, while native forests shrunk by 13%, according to a new report by U.S. and Chilean academics. The country subsidized tree planting while its forestry sector boomed over that period.  Yet the environmental benefits are not as clear. Subsidies accelerated biodiversity losses in Chile as plantations often focus on one or two profitable tree species, the report said. While forest area expanded by more than 100% between 1986 and 2011, the carbon stored in vegetation increased by just 1.98% during that period.”  More details
Here's what you need to know about Ontario's majestic white pine
Bill Steer, Elliot Lake Today… “Tall trees make you look up. Those asymmetrical crowns are unmistakable. But what about those twisted ones that aren’t so straight?  Wherever you are in Northern Ontario the majestic white pine will speak to you. Where is the largest white pine anyway? You can now go on a treasure hunt to find the tallest or widest.”  More details
From the Amazon to the Arctic: Five migratory birds to spot right now in Canada
From… “Each spring, Canada's skies are filled with the sights and sounds of millions of birds arriving home from their southern wintering grounds. From the Canadian Arctic to the Amazon Rainforest their journeys span the continents. For many Canadians, these birds have become a key part of their spring!   Throughout Hello Spring you have been sending us the migratory birds you are seeing in your area, and we wanted to highlight five of the hundreds of species that spend their spring in Canada.”  More details
The Show Must Go On: South Nation plants record number of trees despite challenges of COVID-19
Peter Kuitenbrouwer, Forests Ontario… “This spring, South Nation Conservation Authority (SNC) ordered 144,000 tree seedlings. Authority staff were prepared to plant a record number of trees in this watershed south of Ottawa. Then COVID-19 hit.  “If we weren’t able to pull those seedlings out of the ground in the nursery and plant them, we would have had to throw them away,” said John Mesman of SNC. “We worked with our local MP and the province, and we got the news that tree planting is considered an essential service. It supports one of the key economic drivers of Canada: the forest industry.”  More details
On World Environment Day, Forests Ontario says 2020 tree-planting season was a success despite COVID-19
Media Release, Forests Ontario… “This World Environment Day (June 5th), Forests Ontario celebrates the first anniversary of receiving federal funding for their 50 Million Tree Program (50 MTP). They report that their 2020 planting season ended just 10 per cent under target, despite COVID-19 related challenges.  The federal funding announced on June 5, 2019, by former Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Catherine McKenna, saved the 50 MTP, which had had its funding cut by the Government of Ontario. The federal government committed up to $15 million over four years, with additional funding coming from corporate sponsors and donors.”  More details
Ontario government proposes extending endangered species act exemption for forestry sector
Liam Casey, The Canadian Press… “Ontario has proposed extending an exemption to the Endangered Species Act for the forestry sector, a move that environmental groups say is another step towards decimating species at risk.  The forestry sector, meanwhile, said forcing the industry to follow the act would be a bureaucratic nightmare and “impossible.”  Last week, the province proposed extending the exemption for another year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, adding that consultation isn’t required due to a temporary regulation it put in place on April 1. The province has, however, opened up the proposal to public comments until June 18.”  More details
What motivates people to plant trees?
Natural Resources Canada… “For the past three years, Heather MacDonald, Dan McKenney, Emily Hope and others from GLFC have been working together with Forests Ontario to understand why private land owners plant trees. Forests Ontario is the lead delivery agent for the 50 Million Tree Program and has recently received funding from the federal government. In a 2018 paper, Adoption influences in Ontario’s 50 Million Tree Program, Heather and her co-authors found that land with lower agricultural value showed larger increases in tree cover, demonstrating potential for tree planting in Canada on marginal cropland.”  More details
20-year results of biomass removal: What can it tell us about full tree logging?
Natural Resourced Canada… “The Canadian Forest Service and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry jointly established a series of biomass removal trials in the early 1990s on sites deemed most sensitive to increased nutrient removals.  Great Lakes Forestry Centre (GLFC) researchers Paul Hazlett and Rob Fleming co-authored a paper that reported on 20-year post-harvest soil carbon and nutrient reserves from 14 biomass removal trials. The experiment was established on coarse-textured, nutrient-poor sites in northern Ontario as part of the North American Long-Term Soil Productivity (LTSP) experiment and evaluated conditions in the forest floor and upper 20 cm of mineral soil.”  More details
The information and opinions expressed in the articles posted in the e-letter are those of the authors, they do not necessarily reflect the policy of the EOMF.

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