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The staff of The Miami Hurricane came to a realization in the days and weeks following the rebirth of the #MeToo movement, the first wave having been started by civil rights activist Tarana Burke in 2006. 

We realized that as a reckoning was happening at the highest levels of the entertainment, media and athletics industries, there was a quieter rumbling emerging from our friends, classmates and professors. We saw people we knew and loved posting about their experiences with sexual violence. Some of them were victimized in their time at the University of Miami, while others had experiences before or after being on campus.

A few months after the start of the movement, women in our Greek Life community broke the silence surrounding sexual assault during a meeting with administrators. The campus was filled with T shirts that read, "If you're not angry about sexual assault, you're not paying attention." Students rallied to have a real conversation about an issue that has afflicted higher education for decades. We realized we had to capture this moment, when women and men felt empowered to speak out unashamed and when our university is at work trying to change a campus culture. 

This project is a result of four months of work and the bravery of dozens of people in our community who have spoken out against sexual misconduct, demanded the university's attention and devoted time to educate others about what a culture of consent and equality looks like.

Isabella Cueto 

Read #MeToo here
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