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It's Friday, April 20. 

A manatee grazes and swims in the canal near the UM Business School. Grace Wehniainen // Opinion Editor
Look up from your phone and man-a-SEE* the world 

Opinion Editor Grace Wehniainen is a ray of sunshine in the newsroom. She walks in with a smile and injects her perpetual optimism into every conversation. So it's no surprise to us that she ran into a manatee (basically the jolly, water mammal version of herself) on campus. The encounter wasn't random to her though; it was a serendipitous reminder

"Had I walked by a few seconds too soon or too late, or had my head hung low, looking at my phone or my feet as usual, I would not have noticed the elephantine oddball moving just at the edge of my peripheral," she writes. 

Sorry for this corny headline. Couldn't resist. 
ICYMI (in case you missed it)

Sunday is Earth Day, so we devoted our last issue to the environment. 

Why not recognize the holiday by taking a baby step toward a greener lifestyle? You don't have to go full-out barefoot hippie to be more eco-friendly. Don't let green elitists tell you otherwise. 

Here are some small, easy changes you can make

And if you're looking to spruce (ha) up your wardrobe but don't want to break the bank or hurt the environment with fast fashion purchases, Edge Editor Haley Walker's got you. 

She went on a thrifting adventure to look hot but keep the Earth cool. 

On a more uncertain note, the Gifford Arboretum's director is retiring at the end of this semester and the future of the already-understaffed arboretum is a big green question mark
P.S. Our next issue is our last of the semester, so keep an eye out for that.

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