Adieu 2021, bonjour 2022

In this special edition of our newsletter, we share our visual overview of 2021 at Voilà: where you can see all our projets by theme and product.

We also wrote a retrospective to tell you about how we went from 4 to 7 people, how we published our first interactive and animated visualizations and a few hints as to what’s up for 2022.

A visual overview of projects in 2021 at Voilà. On a black background, it is shaped like a snowflake or a spider web, with the twelve months going around like a clock. In the middle, there are yellow diamonds that representt the number of staff, going from 4 to 7. Around, there are various shapes that show the sectors of the projects (environment, social, governance). They have little arrows that represent the type of work: infographics, dashboard, interactive, etc.