Indiana TRIO News-February 2015
"TRIO Works!" During President Obama's Visit to Ivy Tech Central Indiana

Submitted by:
Mike Slocum
Director TRIO Student Support Services
Ivy Tech Community College-Central Indiana

INDIANAPOLIS – February 6, 2015 will not be forgotten for TRIO Student Support Services participants at Ivy Tech Community College – Central Indiana. Eight TRIO SSS participants were among the 50 students sitting behind President Obama during his town hall meeting, held on campus to promote the President’s recent initiative to provide free community college tuition for eligible students.

Planning for the event occurred at a breakneck pace, with only four days of public notice before President Obama’s arrival. TRIO SSS Director Mike Slocum received a call recruiting students on the Tuesday afternoon before the event. He credits the campus recognizing the success of the TRIO SSS program as being one of the few who had the opportunity to send students, but it also took a little bit of luck. “I had just asked one of my staff members to take my place at another engagement when I received the call,” Slocum noted. “I had less than an hour to recruit students, so I’m quite glad that call didn’t go to voicemail.”

Once selected, the students were ready to represent both Ivy Tech and TRIO SSS to the best of their ability. Armed with “TRIO Works!” buttons, it was hard not to see TRIO represented during the President’s remarks. Paul Alvies, a human services major who will graduate in May, and Porshea Johnson, a general studies major who will graduate in December, were directly behind President Obama. It was Paul’s “TRIO Works! button that  was in full view throughout the afternoon.

Although none had an opportunity to ask a question during the town hall format, it was still an unforgettable event. “It was a once in a lifetime opportunity and a huge honor to be able to meet the President of the United States,” said freshman nursing-interest major Ren Hubbard when interviewed after the event. “I will say without question this was one of the greatest experiences of my life,” added sophomore paralegal studies major Anthony Felumero.

Students also took the opportunity to recognize the power of TRIO in their educational journey. “I want to thank Mr. Mike Slocum and the TRIO staff for giving me the most important opportunity of a lifetime that I will always remember. Being on TV with the President of the United States was awesome,” Alvies noted. Hubbard added, “I would also like to thank TRIO for their constant support and belief in the students to excel. TRIO Works!”

In addition to Alvies, Felumero, Hubbard, and Johnson, TRIO SSS was represented by Cynthia Hampton-Curry (Human Services), Tyrone Guyton (Criminal Justice), Arlanda Rainey (Human Services), and Jameaka Wright (Human Services).


Purdue Calumet ETS Student Becomes Hero Honored by Ellen DeGeneres

Submitted by:
Jimmie Sanders
Director, TRIO Educational Talent Search
Purdue University Calumet

Purdue University Calumet ETS student, Keon Kendall Brown, has had an exciting year. In May of last year, the high school student found himself in the midst of a life or death situation, where he helped to save two lives after a woman's car ran into his house. The woman who was driving had a seizure and lost control of her car. Brown helped clear the woman's airway and pulled the woman's son from the back seat of the car. Because of his heroic deed, Brown appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show and was awarded a $10,000 gift. For links to full articles and Brown's appearance on Ellen, click below.

E.C. Police Chief Honors Student for Heroic Efforts-NWI Times
E.C. Hero Provided with $10,000 Surprise on Ellen DeGeneres Show-NWI Times
Ellen Show Clip-Keon Kendall Brown-YouTube
Purdue Horizons Students Learn Strategies for Success

Submitted by:
Rosa Villarreal
Associate Dean of Students, Director of Horizons Student Support Services
Purdue University

I want to share this group selfie we took on our last day of class for the Student Support Services GS490 Strategies for a Successful Freshman Year course. It was my privilege to serve these amazing and fun students in their first semester at Purdue. In their freshman journey with Horizons, students received guest lectures in areas of stress management and relaxation, financial literacy, library research, MBTI interpretation, resume development, nutrition 101, and the master narrative of leadership. In addition, students gained an alumni perspective from Horizons alumni Dekiyra Love, a current gradate student at Purdue who attended each class as a teaching instructor and presented on topics such as time management, professionalism, scholarships, and networking. The foundation of the course is based on critical thinking, goal setting, and time management skills, as well as making students feel comfortable and relaxed in class and in the Horizons office. All students received supplemental instruction in math, science, or a foreign language.

Overall, I would sum up fall semester as a success!
2015 Indiana TRIO Student Leadership Conference Registration Underway

The 2015 Indiana TRIO Student Leadership Conference will be held on March 27-28, 2015, at IUPUI. TRIO programs are encouraged to consider bringing pre-college TRIO students for two days full of leadership activities. Deadline to register is March 2, 2015. Hotel Registration deadline is February 24, 2015.

2015 Indiana TRIO SLC Info
2015 Indiana TRIO SLC Schedule
2015 Indiana TRIO SLC Registration Forms

Questions? Contact Ron Lewis or Katrina Hudson for more information.
IUPUI Celebrates 50th Anniversary of TRIO Upward Bound in Style

Submitted by:
David C. Jones
Academic Specialist, TRIO Upward Bound
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

TRIO Upward Bound celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2014.  There were celebrations nationwide with alumni, staff, family and supporters throughout 2014.  Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis (IUPUI) sponsored a reception commemorating this major milestone on the evening of Wednesday, November 5th, 2014.  The hundreds in attendance included staff, IUPUI Deans, alumni, current students, parents, families and friends.  The guests were treated to a reception and remarks from the Vice Chancellor.  The evening was enjoyed by all.   As a result of the event, the IUPUI Upward Bound Program has developed a national database of Upward Bound Alumni that can be used to foster growth and opportunity amongst both current and former students from the IUPUI Upward Bound program.

The Upward Bound Program at IUPUI was founded in 1996 in the heart of the 13th largest city in the United States Indianapolis.   The program serves about 120 students in eight high schools.  IUPUI Upward Bound students enjoy a campus with multiple resources including a medical and dental school, schools of Law, Business, Science, Public and Environmental Affairs, Science, and Music.   The IUPUI Upward Bound program has a proud past and the staff looks forward to prepare more students for academic success in the future.   
COE Policy Seminar 2015

The Council for Opportunity in Education (COE) will hold its annual Policy Seminar March 15-18, 2015. TRIO professionals from around the state will come together and meet with members of Congress. A major goal of Policy Seminar is to advocate for TRIO programs in the state of Indiana. If you will be attending this year's Policy Seminar and you have not already contacted Indiana TRIO President, Yecenia Tostatdo, please do so immediately. For those not attending, please make sure you contact your members of Congress and urge them to support TRIO funding, programming, and students!

COE Policy Seminar Information

Contact Your Representatives

Dan Coats-R
Joe Donnelly-D

House of Representatives 

District One: Peter Visclosky-D
District Two: Jackie Walorski-R         
District Three: Marlin Stutzman-R
District Four: Todd Rokita-R 
District Five: Susan Brooks-R                           
District Six: Luke Messer-R                               
District Seven: Andre Carson-D
District Eight: Larry Bucshon-R
District Nine: Todd Young-R

21st Century Scholars, Changes, & TRIO

Submitted by:
Jenalee Veenkant
Assistant Director, TRIO Upward Bound
Indiana Wesleyan University

The state of Indiana generously contributes to the success of many of our income-eligible students by covering either full or partial tuition expenses for those enrolled in 21st Century Scholars.  Traditionally as TRIO professionals, we have sought to help our students understand and access these funds.  We have provided them with academic assistance in order to help them meet the high school graduation GPA requirement (2.5), and we have helped them understand what financial support to expect from 21st Century Scholars based on the institution they choose.

There have been a couple recent changes in 21st Century Scholars that are important to be aware of as we continue to assist those students of ours that are 21st Century Scholars.  First, beginning with the graduating class of 2016, the income of families enrolled in the program will be re-assessed during the student’s senior year of high-school.  A student is no longer guaranteed the scholarship based on the income their family had when they were in the 8th grade.  As we work with our current juniors and students in the cohorts that follow, we should advise them to create affordable college plans based on both scenarios – one including those funds and one not including those funds.

A second change impacting our 21st Century Scholars is the ScholarTrack program which was introduced to the 2017 graduation cohort during the 2014-2015 academic year.  The class of 2017 and every class following have activities that they must complete and report on each year in order to access their scholarship upon graduation.  Each Scholar is to create a portal which they are required to use to answer questions concerning activities they do during each year of high school that help them plan, prepare, and pay for college.  Upward Bound and Talent Search programs may want to consider sharing materials with their students and/or hosting workshops to help their Scholars create their accounts and begin the process of completing and recording their yearly activities.  If you would like to learn more about the ScholarTrack program, how to access your student’s Scholar ID numbers needed to create the account, and materials Indiana Wesleyan University’s Upward Bound program has used in order to help make these workshops successful for the last two years, please email Jenalee Veenkant

Ivy Tech Community College-Central Indiana Hosts "Winter Institute"

Submitted by:
May Cheng
Assistant Director, TRIO Student Support Services
Ivy Tech Community College-Central Indiana

Approximately 60 TRIO SSS students faced the blistering weather on Friday, January 9th to attend “Winter Institute,” a day that was filled with concurrent workshops and activities.  Students were presented with financial aid information, tips to overcome procrastination, and tips on how to take online courses.  Also, students participated in creative activities to “cure the winter blues” and drafted New Year’s resolutions to better prepare them for this semester. 


Did you know only 13% of girls say they plan to pursue a STEM career? MAEOPP is hosting the first Girls in STEM Conference on March 29-31, 2015, at IUPUI to help educate and excite young women about STEM careers. TRIO programs throughout the MAEOPP region are encouraged nominate up to five female students (grades 9-11) for consideration. Student must have at least a 3.0 GPA and be interested in learning more about STEM careers. Nominations are due by March 31, 2015, and space is limited to 100 students total. Nominators will be notified by April 10, 2015 regarding nominee status. Sign up here to be a volunteer.

2015 MAEOPP Girls in STEM Info, Schedule, & Application Forms

Questions? Contact Roxanne Gregg or Misty Williams for more information.

USI Offers New First Year Core Requirement for SSS Students

Submitted by:
Heather Bauer
Director, TRIO Student Support Services
University of Southern Indiana

Beginning in the fall 2014 semester, all first year students at USI were required to take a UNIV101 course to complete their first year experience core requirement. USI recently added a section designated specifically for Student Support Service students. The class focuses on introducing students to campus, developing a better understanding of their self, and an opportunity to build connections with their fellow SSS peers, the campus, and the community. SSS students were able to engage in numerous in-class and out-of-class activities sponsored by the SSS program to enhance their connection to the academic and surrounding community through programming and field trips. Pictured below, SSS students were able to engage in an interactive activity in class that allowed them to share different ways that have helped them ease their transition from high school to college. The activity provided an opportunity for SSS students to relate to one another and share tips and tricks that have helped them adapt and be successful.  The class allowed SSS students to develop positive relationships with other peers and staff in the program, as well as connect them to the campus both academically and socially.
Notre Dame Students Prepare for CPA Day

Submitted by:
Nijinsky Dix
Advisor, TRIO Upward Bound
University of Notre Dame

As tax season approaches and we cringe (well, some of us) as we prepare to file our W-2, 1098-T, and even FAFSA applications, Upward Bound students at the University of Notre Dame are preparing for CPA Day with the Indiana Certified Public Accounting Society Scholars Program (INCPAS). The INCPAS Scholars Program is a year-long mentorship and career awareness program for minority high school students with an interest in business and/or accounting. Through an array of career and college-prep activities and events, participants are not only gaining insight regarding accounting, financial literacy, business acumen, and professional development, but also establishing relationships with CPAs and business professionals across the state.

Being an agency that focuses on a specific area (CPAs), many of our Upward Bound participants initially believed the sole purpose of INCPAS was to produce professional and skilled financial specialists for the state of Indiana. However, after only a few months of mentorship, presentations, College Night, industry visits, and academic monitoring, participants quickly learned INCPAS is not only a great source for professional development, but also academic tenacity and social enrichment. Limbani Lehman, a high school senior aspiring to major in business administration said, “It’s a really great program. Speaking with professionals from so many different areas gives me the opportunity to explore the various concentrations of business.” This month, INCPAS Scholars will be introduced to respected professionals in the audit/nonprofit/forensic profession as well as, participate in case studies to receive hands-on finance and accounting training. Deborah Nelson, a high school senior interested in accounting stated, “I always wanted to know why counselors and parents made such a big deal about financial aid. Now that I’m learning about recordkeeping and understanding finances, I see the importance of financial management and the impact it could have on your future and even the future of your children.”

As high schools and colleges around the nation host FAFSA Night and College Goal Sunday to assist parents and students in navigating through undoubtedly the most important (and oftentimes, overwhelming) component of the collegiate process – hopefully, the knowledge and experience gained by the Scholars of INCPAS, our future "numbers specialists," will aid in demystifying the financial aid process for parents and their peers. 
IPFW SSS Students Travel to Chicago

Submitted by:
Karen Lenfestey
Academic Coordinator, TRIO Student Support Services
Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne

TRIO SSS students at IPFW spent Fall Break in Chicago. Students spent a day at the Museum of Science and Industry discovering what's behind the science of storms, the mysteries of genetics, and the history of space exploration. Student also spent time touring a real WWII German Submarine and watching the Omnimax film "Flight of the Butterflies. SSS student Salisha Hill said, "I loved the whole trip. SSS really takes care of us, while giving us the level of independence we need. This was one of my favorite college experiences so far."
Indiana TRIO Factbook Developers Need Your Help

Development on a Factbook for Indiana TRIO has begun and we are looking for information from your program! Indiana TRIO is currently asking for success stories from all TRIO programs in the state. Please include a professional photo of your student with your submission. Program APR data is also requested for 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 from each program in the state. The averages ONLY will be used in the publication. The Factbook will be a valuable resource when Indiana TRIO members meet with our state representatives in Congress. We would love to highlight the many accomplishments of our current students and alumni and share their journeys with our representatives. Programs who submit APR data and/or student success stories will receive copies of the marketing piece!

Please submit student success stories to Lydia Bates. Program APR data should be submitted to Rosa Villarreal.
2015 Indiana TRIO Professional Conference Returns to Notre Dame

For the first time ever, Indiana TRIO will partner with Illinois TRIO to host a combined professional conference. Staff from both Indiana and Illinois are invited to attend this year's 2015 Professional Conference which will be held at the University of Notre Dame on May 18-20. The conference is a great and affordable way to support staff education and development.
More details can be found here. To register, visit Indiana TRIO's website. Registrations forms will be available shortly.
Save the date:

MAEOPP 41st Annual Professional Conference

November 15-18, 2015

Amway Grand Plaza
Grand Rapids, Michigan

For more information, follow the link below

2015 MAEOPP Conference
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Indiana's Roxanne Gregg Joins MAEOPP Executive Board 

Congratulations to Roxanne Gregg, Director of Upward Bound at IUPUI for being elected as MAEOPP's President Elect for this year. Roxanne joins MAEOPP President, V. Kaye Monk-Morgan; Past President, Annette Horvat; Treasurer, Robert Jenkins; and Secretary, Cecilia Merrigan as a part of the MAEOPP executive team.
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