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Winter Edition 2016-2017
IPFW TRIO SSS Publishes A Book

Submitted by:
Shubitha Kever
Director, TRIO Student Support Services

On November 1st TRIO Student Support Services held a book launch in the classic ballroom to celebrate the publication of “Every Student Has a Story.” This book includes personal essays from 20 TRIO SSS students about what it’s like to be a first-generation college student at IPFW. Student authors Kristin Costello and Miranda Hall were featured by our local NBC news station for their contributions to the project.

While no two situations are alike, the book shows how IPFW’s TRIO students have persevered through challenges and overcame obstacles in their path to graduation. Students learned that they are not alone and that northeast Indiana is full of first-generations students just like them. The book is available for sale on Amazon now.

The second volume of this project is under production now. All TRIO SSS students are invited to writing circles this spring to craft stories for the upcoming book. To learn more, come to meetings in KT G49 from 12-1 p.m. on January 23, February 20, March 13, and April 17.
IUPUI's Paw Pantry and the RTV6

Toy Drive

Submitted by:
Esther Myrick
Assistant Director, TRIO Upward Bound

“…to whom much is given, much is required.”  Upward Bound students carried this quote into the holiday season with donations to IUPUI Paw’s Pantry and the RTV 6 Toy Drive.  IUPUI Paw’s Pantry is a food pantry that provides food assistance to all IUPUI students, faculty, and staff.  The organization was created by students, is run by students and sustained though passionate involvement and volunteering from campus departments and the community alike.  UB students filled a Paw’s Pantry donation bin over a two day span!
Since 2001 the RTV 6 Toy Drive has served more than 100,000 children.  This year Upward Bound joined area businesses, schools and organizations that donate to the Toy Drive, collecting over 75 toys!  UB students and staff cannot wait until this upcoming holiday season as we will continue our partnership of giving!

Please view our video at: 
IUPUI Upward Bound at the RTV6 Toy Drive

USF TRIO SSS and TRIO Upward Bound at IPFW Unite
Submitted by:
Jessica Galindo
Director, USF TRIO SSS
University of Saint Francis

For the first time ever, TRIO Student Support Services collaborated with TRIO Upward Bound at IPFW! USF TRIO SSS senior, Estrella Romero, knew she wanted to do a service project for her involvement with Phi Alpha International Honors Society, but she wasn’t sure how to go about contacting the group of students that she wanted to present her information to. She wanted to focus on high school students that were first generation, like herself. The high school students within the TRIO Upward Bound program join the program with the purpose of becoming prepared to be college bound.  
Estrella spent her USF college career learning the processes of how to become debt free upon her graduation from college. Her efforts to find her way through college consisted of dedication and focus to learn about everything she needed to know in order to be financially debt free and how to go about doing it. She has attended every scholarship boot camp that TRIO has offered, and has applied to the scholarships and grants that she was qualified to apply for, receiving funding that taught her that the information she learned about the process must be shared. In doing so, she approached her TRIO Director, Jessica Galindo, to provide a link between herself and a group of students that may find the information invaluable. Having recently come from TRIO Upward Bound as an academic specialist, Galindo had the connection that Romero was hoping to find.

On Wednesday, September 28, Estrella Romero held a workshop designed specifically for TRIO Upward Bound seniors to learn about the resources that are accessible to them. She shared her story about being first generation and about the application process to various types of scholarships.
The feedback from the TRIO Upward Bound students was encouraging as well. From the evaluations they received and filled out, the common theme was that students felt like they had a connection to Estrella because she shared her story.
We would love to continue our collaboration efforts with all of our local TRIO programs to bring TRIO together in a different way.

TRIO Meets TRIO Alumnus John Quiñones
Submitted by:
Gladys Calderón
Academic Specialist, TRIO Upward Bound

In October, The Greater Fort Wayne Hispanic Chamber of Commerce hosted a President’s Commemoration Ball, and John Quiñones was the honored guest. John Quiñones is an ABC news correspondent and the host of the show “What Would You Do?” He and his camera crew set up scenes of conflict and watch how people react, if they choose to react at all.

Upward Bound students got a chance to attend the event, including the meet-and-greet beforehand, where Quiñones shared insightful words of wisdom with students. Quiñones is an Upward Bound alumnus. During his inspiring keynote message, he talked about his rough beginning and he credits Upward Bound for his success, “Thank God for Upward Bound, or I wouldn’t be here today.” Check our Instagram and Facebook to see the video.

“Like us, he is very similar, college bound and has very big dreams. He inspired me in many ways. Even though we cannot get what we want in the first place, that doesn’t mean we should quit and give up,” said Gannery Htoo, a junior. Moe Oo, a sophomore, expressed, “I’m very grateful of the advice he shared with us and it gave me another reason to really focus on what I want for my future and the things I need to work on to achieve success.”

We want to give a special thanks to Sweetwater Sound for providing our students with tickets, the president Palermo Galindo, Jessica Galindo, and the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce for making this possible!
TRIO Meets TRIO Alumnus John Quiñones
Submitted by:
Jessica Galindo
Director, TRIO Student Support Services
University of Saint Francis

The Greater Fort Wayne Hispanic Chamber of Commerce hosted its first annual President’s Ball Commemoration event on Saturday, October 15 at the Parkview Mirro Center for Research and Innovation. They welcomed keynote speaker and TRIO alumnus, Mr. John Quiñones.
Having grown up in a poor family of migrant workers to eventually become ABC’s first Latino correspondent and a seven-time Emmy Award winner, co-anchor of ABC Newsmagazine “Primetime,” and the sole anchor of the series "What Would You Do?" Quiñones shared his powerful story with audience, encouraging the attendees to pursue their dreams regardless of socioeconomic barriers. He particularly emphasized the role education played in his success.
TRIO SSS had an exclusive meet and greet event hours prior to the event to get to know Quiñones’ story and have an intimate interaction with him to learn about his journey to becoming a leader in news Journalism. He told our students that he always knew he wanted to pursue Journalism. He claimed he would practice public speaking by himself to learn proper pronunciation as his first language was Spanish. During the meet and greet, we inducted him into USF TRIO SSS’s honorary TRIO members club where TRIO student, Magdalena Mendez, gave him a USF TRIO T-Shirt as his induction gift.
His inspiring words touched all of our students and we are so thankful that those who were able to attend left the event with powerful words that reinforced the message that we are not a product of our circumstances, but of our choices. And we can overcome anything with hard work and determination, no matter how difficult.

TRIO Mentors Make a Difference!

Story and photos submitted by:
Shubitha Kever
Director, TRIO Student Support Services

TRIO SSS at IPFW has a peer mentoring group! Peer mentors are here to show you the ropes, give you a heads up, and encourage you when you need it. Freshmen accepted into the TRIO program are assigned a peer mentor so they have someone to talk to, study with, and help them adjust to college life. Students in good academic standing who are interested in becoming a TRIO mentor next year should let their TRIO Academic Coordinator know.

Mentors meet once a month as a group with mentees for lunch and fun! Mentors lead the group in an activity focused on engaging interaction and support opportunities for TRIO students. 

2016 Indiana TRIO Student Leadership Conference
Submitted by:
Gladys Calderón
Academic Specialist, TRIO Upward Bound

Each year, Indiana TRIO hosts a student leadership conference for TRIO students. This year, the conference took place October 22-23rd in Indianapolis. The theme this year was Dream Fearlessly, Set Goals, Create Your Path, and Become All That You Have Envisioned. The conference featured guest speakers, breakout sessions, interactive activities, and plenty of opportunities to learn and grow.

Armonte Hall, a senior, said, “The sessions we did helped me a little with my comfort zone. I learned what obstacles I need to work on to be successful.” Moe Oo, a sophomore, expressed, “I learned a lot about how my identity played a role and that in the end, the reward is bigger than the obstacle.”
Submitted by:
Sheila Russel
High School Counselor, Grant Project Specialist, TRIO Educational Talent Search
Ivy Tech Northwest

Student Testimonial:
A Village That Raised a Child

It is with excitement that I present you with a vision I had a little over a year ago. In April 2017, I will be turning 30 years old and I wanted to celebrate with family and friends back home in Gary. I thought about my childhood memories and the events that stood out the most. The Lord literally placed Educational Talent Search on my heart. I remember going through the mentorship program, tutoring, SAT Saturday prep, college tours, meetings, etc. This one event that I attended was the Leadership Conference in Lake Geneva. I will never forget it. I had never been out of my parent’s presence for an overnight nor at a leadership event. There is where I was inspired and uplifted all at once. ETS helped mold my mindset for my future.

Therefore for my 30th Birthday celebration, I am willing, along with an organization called Women Organizing Women, to host an event to help mold the life of another student. The event will take place April 29, 2017 at the Hobart Community Center located In Hobart, Indiana at 5pm. A dinner show which includes entertainment: spoken word, dance, singing, musical instruments, and perhaps comedy. Dinner will be provided. There will be a ticket price of $35. However TRiO has a paid table of 8.

The theme of the event will be, "A Village That Raised a Child."  I have chosen this theme because there was a village that helped raise me.  It truly does take a village to help mold a child. TRiO is a part of that village for me. If we can help mold the mindsets of some of our young people, their resources can be limitless.
At the event we will have a display table specifically for TRiO. We want to show the community what the students are involved in, as well as let them know how they can become involved. Our goal is to help obtain resources necessary to develop and/or to maintain any existing projects that TRiO has. Funds from this event will be donated to TRiO.

There will be a networking event thirty minutes prior to the event. The networking event will be open to sponsors, business owners who have grown up in Gary, Indiana. I also think this is a great way for the students to possibly meet and possibly establish relationships with someone who share the same interest. Also this will be a perfect time to get more students signed up for Trio.

Perhaps the students would like to get involved in the actual show, we would love that. If they have any talents that they would like to showcase, we can make that happen. The event is taking place to cater to Trio. Trio is a part of the Gary community. That same community where I'm rooted is important to me. More so the community is vital to those who live within it. Therefore we need to be that village to raise a child.

-TRIO Educational Talent Search Student, Kiahnna Key; Ivy Tech Northwest

Submitted by:
Sheila Russel
High School Counselor, Grant Project Specialist, TRIO Educational Talent Search
Ivy Tech Northwest

Student Testimonial:

TRiO Has Been a Part of My Path to Success

I want to thank you for the loan of the book this past semester but more importantly a big thank you for all your love and support you have given me. My eyes are never dry when I think about the time(s) you and the TRIO organization has spent getting me through the years only to assist me in maintaining a path to success.  …I will never forget this experience, nor will I forget what you have done to inspire me.

-TRIO Educational Talent Search Student, Michael Bridges; Ivy Tech Northwest

I AM TRIO: Our Stories
Dionte Walker
Submitted by:
Jessica Galindo
Director, TRIO Student Support Services
University of Saint Francis

My name is Dionte Walker and I am a sophomore at St. Francis University. I am a football player and foremost a student. I am proud to say that I am the first person in my entire family to attend college. When I was born, I was born premature and very small and have struggled since the very beginning of my life. When I entered elementary school, I was still small and struggled with academics. I was very quiet and did not like to be called on in class by the teacher.  The subject I had the most difficulty was with reading and writing. 
“I am studying criminal justice and my main motivation is to be a role model for the youth of our city. I want to show them that education and hard work are the building blocks for the rest of their lives and hope to help kids make good decisions that will affect their future.”
I often acted inappropriately since I did not want to be embarrassed because of my deficiency. Football became my release for my bottled frustration.  The football field is where I excelled. Because I was small, I had to work harder than anyone else on the field.  Playing football is where I learned determination and perseverance. I figured out that if I wanted to succeed in anything in life, I would have to put forth my best effort. Football paved my way to college. I appreciate being able to work with the TRIO program to learn how to further improve my educational skills.  One important skill I learned from TRIO was to attack my courses and not sit back and relax. The TRIO grant will help me by paying some of my college expenses which will allow me to continue my education.  My family has extremely limited funds so seeking additional funds from them is not an option.  I personally have to seek outside assistance for continuing my education. I am working with teammates as equipment managers for our coach through them doing the work study program.  The money that I earn is helping my pay for books and school but unfortunately I am still left with a large balance. I am also seeking additional scholarships to help me secure my financial and educational goals. My personal values are in perfect alignment with those of Saint Francis. I believe in respecting the unique dignity of each person. Every person needs to be given the opportunity to shine in their own light. I am studying criminal justice and my main motivation is to be a role model for the youth of our city. I want to show them that education and hard work are the building blocks for the rest of their lives and hope to help kids make good decisions that will affect their future. I also hope to bridge the gap between youth and law enforcement. I want to build a system of trust that shows the community that we can all live in a time of peace and justice.

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2017 TRIO and EOA Student Scholarships
Applications due at 11:59 PM EST on March 31, 2017

Board of Directors Scholarship
Cheryl L. Berry Scholarship
EOA Scholarships
Study Abroad Scholarship

2017 Professional Award Nominations

LaVerta L. Terry Outstanding Service Award
The LaVerta L. Terry Outstanding Service Award is designed to recognize the contributions of a professional in a TRIO program. Nominees should exhibit those qualities of loyalty to the needs of our TRIO students and to the programs which serve them ABOVE and BEYOND the levels expected from a mere career choice. The recipient should serve as a MODEL to others who work alongside them and as a standard by which all can measure their own effectiveness.

Bertha M. Jones Memorial Award
The Bertha M. Jones Memorial Award is given to an alumnus of a TRIO program. The recipient of the Bertha M. Jones Memorial Award will have achieved SIGNIFICANT SUCCESS in their lives; the award is intended to allow Indiana TRIO to celebrate the success of former TRIO students who, without their participation in a TRIO program, might not have had the chance to NOTABLY SUCCEED.

Rozelle Boyd Outstanding Achievement Award
The Rozelle Boyd Outstanding Achievement Award is awarded to an accomplished professional from outside of the TRIO profession. The recipient must demonstrate a strong sense of inclusiveness and personal attributes such as loyalty, empathy, and compassion. In addition, the individual is deeply committed to the call to action and demonstrates strong support of underrepresented individuals in higher education.
Indiana TRIO 2017 Factbook Is Currently Underway
Indiana TRIO's Factbook is a valuable resource when Indiana TRIO members meet with state representatives in Congress in March at COE Policy Seminar. Our representatives loved seeing our programs' successes and our students' accomplishments. Now that APR times are past, please be sure to send us your APR data for this years factbook. We are also looking for student success stories for future inclusion. See last year's Factbook for format of TRIO Student Success Stories.
Program APR data should be submitted to Theresa Ohning.
Student Success Stories should be submitted to Shubitha Kever.

2017 Indiana TRIO Professional Conference

May 1-3, 2017

Purdue University

Join other Indiana TRIO professional colleagues for this exciting professional development opportunity May 1st -3rd at Purdue University, West Lafayette.

Conference highlights include:

  •          Network with TRIO colleagues
  •          Learn about best practices
  •          Get updates from COE and EOA leaders
  •          Join in exciting breakout sessions

Conference registration, schedule, and call for proposals will be available soon!

Hotel accommodations will be available at:

Union Club Hotel
101 North Grant Street
West Lafayette, IN 47906

If you have any questions, please contact Robin Steenman

Phone: 260-481-4188




2017 Indiana TRIO Alumni Picnic

Saturday, July 29, 2017

IPFW, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Calling all TRIO Alumni in the Fort Wayne area: Upward Bound (UB), Student Support Services (SSS), Educational Talent Search (ETS), Educational Opportunity Center (EOC), McNair, Veterans UB, and UB Math/Science! Join us for the 1st Indiana TRIO Alumni Picnic hosted in Fort Wayne, Indiana on IPFW’s campus. All TRIO alumni, professionals, and advocates in the Fort Wayne and surrounding areas are invited to this free picnic event. This will be an opportunity for you to reconnect with former TRIO friends and learn how to advocate for TRIO programs and students in Indiana. Registration is not required, but strongly encouraged for meal and venue planning. We hope to see you all there!

Event Registration



EOA Annual Professional Conference

The Educational Opportunity Association (EOA) is excited to host its 43rd Annual Professional Conference from November 12-15, 2017 in Shaumburg, Illinois. More details to come shortly. For the most up-to-date information, visit the EOA website.
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