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June 2016

Fourth of July advisory.

We will be observing the American Independence Day holiday on Monday, July 4th. Our offices will be closed but will reopen on Tuesday, July 5th. ISF's must be submitted to our office for processing no later than Thursday, June 30th.

SOLAS begins July 1st.

We've been cautioning and offering guidance for nearly the past year, but in just a few short weeks, SOLAS and the Verified Gross Mass (VGM) requirement will be in place for cargo shipped by ocean. For US exporters, OCEMA has announced they will support and accept on-terminal scale weights for exported containers, allaying many shipper's fears. Import containers will still be subject to the laws of the country in which they are loaded.

First Panama Canal transit of third locks this week.

On June 26th, the Panama Canal's third set of locks will be open for business after many years and billions of dollars. COSCO won the right to be the first through the locks in a lottery held by the Canal Authority. Twenty thousand dignitaries, VIP's and attendees will be on hand to commemorate this new era in commercial ocean shipping for containerized, post-Panamax vessels and tankers.

ACE deployments continuing, FDA debuted mid-month.

Customs and Border Protection are continuing to roll out additional ACE functionality throughout 2016. This month, FDA PGA data became mandatory with ACE Cargo Release (SE) and ACE Entry Summary (AE) certified for ACE Cargo Release.

Brazil's government, economy, facing challenges.

The Rio Olympics are just months away, and Brazil is attracting all kinds of attention from the world. Michael Temer, selected to replace the impeached Dilma Rousseff, faces challenges within his cabinet and in turning around the economy. But has Brazil really bottomed out, with nowhere to go but up?

Is TSCA reform finally at hand?

It has been years, decades even, since there was a legislative overhaul of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). It has passed the House and Senate and awaits the President's signature.

360 degree view of A380 cockpit.

Sometimes we find really cool things to share, and add this one to the list. The A380 is a double-decker aircraft produced by Airbus that is, essentially, two whole floors of plane. We've not seen it fly regularly into Chicago yet, but O'Hare is making modifications to one of the gates at T5 (the International Terminal) with an eye to luring the aircraft from one of its global operators.

Courtesy of two Emirates A380 pilots, check out this 360 degree view of the cockpit and enjoy.