Welcome to the March 2017 issue of the Ellerslie Express!
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Hi <<First Name>>,

Hello Ellerslie Community League!
We are already into the month of March, Where has these last 3 months gone?! 
We have elected a new Vice President. Daniel Shultz has taken on this role. He is the former Programs Director and has been with the board for over 3 years now! 
Last month we put on two events. The Valentines Day Dance and Hot Chocolate at the Park/Hill. The Valentines Dance was put on by the Community members. You guys were the ones that wanted it and you stepped up! Thank you so much for all the Volunteers that came and helped us put this event on. We had around 25-30 families show up and I know that we could have had more but due to us not having a Social Director we were not able to advertise as much as we would have like. But it was still a good event!!
Our plan was to have Hot Chocolate at the Hill but due to no snow lol we had it at the park instead! It was a awesome turn out. Even though the weather wasn't the nicest we had families get outside and have fun together. We ended up running out of cups so we had to shut it down a tad early. Next time we know to have more on hand!!! We will be doing more events like this threw out the year and into next year! 

With that being said, we are still looking for a Social Director to help plan future events for the remainder of the year! If you know of someone in our community that loves planning parties and events send them our way!! You can ask them to contact me directly at 
Please remember to clear your side walks and put gravel or salt down so people in the community can get around easier! 
Have a good month!
Alicia Lemaire
President, Ellerslie Community League


Movie Night



Summer Art and Sports Camps in the Community

Have a question? Feedback? Suggestions? Please feel free to contact any board member directly:
President: Alicia Lemaire
Vice-president: Dan Schultz
Treasurer: Amanda Goulet
Secretary: Jennifer Parsonage
Civics director: Jerry Pasternak
Communications director: Barry Obondo
Fundraising director: Vacant
Membership director: Christine Lim
Programs director: Vacant
Social director: Vacant
Sports director: Vacant
Neighbourhood Watch director: Irfan Chaudhry

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