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March 2016
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Care certificates

Are you aware of the requirement for regulated services to provide clear evidence that care workers have demonstrated knowledge, skills and behaviours to show they are suitably trained?

We have updated and redesigned our training sessions to cover the knowledge elements of the Care Certificate which can be accessed via open courses. This is a flexible package which we hope will meet your individual needs.

The Care Certificate Induction course will be delivered by Hoople's vocational team and will run on 24-26 May 2016 at a cost of £200.00 plus VAT per delegate. Delegates will need to attend all three days to comply with the requirement.

The course will soon be available to book on CPD Online but if you'd like to reserve your place before then, please contact Caroline Reading on 01432 260076 or email caroline.reading@hoopleltd.co.uk

Please contact us if you require more information about the content of the course and standards covered.

Introducing paperless portfolios...

We are excited to be introducing paperless portfolios which will be launched in May 2016. As well as doing our bit for the environment, e-Portfolios will provide you and your learners with the following benefits:

  • No more large ring binders to carry with the risk of them getting lost!
  • Total transparency for you the employer, the learner and us - the training provider - of what’s been done and what’s to do
  • Available 24/7 from any web enabled device including via an app
  • Reminders for reviews and appointments
  • Easier to submit alternative formats of evidence such as video, audio, and witness statements
 Please contact Hoople training 01432 383500 for more information.

Putting the Digni-tree to good use

As mentioned in previous newsletters, our Digni-tree was first developed to celebrate Dignity Action Day last month. However, we were keen to use it to enhance the learning experience for students on our courses. This month, learners on our Adult Safeguarding course used the Digni-tree to prompt discussion as they read the leaves and shared their thoughts on what dignity in care means to them.

Scheduled programmes

(April 2016 - June 2016)
(For full details, please visit CPD Online
Event title Course date(s) Cost / person
AED and CPR  Level 2 Award 11 May £67.50 + VAT
Autism Awareness 16 June £35 + VAT
Basic Life Support - Adult
(Care Certificate Standard 12)
7 June £35 + VAT
Care Certificate Induction 24 - 26 May £35 + VAT
Conflict Resolution 15 April
30 June
£35 + VAT
Emergency First Aid at Work Level 2 Award 5 April
10 May
6 June
£57 + VAT
Epilepsy Awareness 21 April £35 + VAT
Essentials of Health and Safety/COSHH
(Care Certificate Standard 13.1,2,4,6,7)
6 April
6 June
£40 + VAT
Fire Warden Training 18 May £35 + VAT
First Aid at Work  (2 day course) 3 - 4 May £120 + VAT
First Aid at Work  (3 day course) 11 - 13 April £160 + VAT
Food Hygiene Awareness  Level 1 Certificate 6 April
6 June
£42 + VAT
Food Safety in Catering  Level 2 Award 12 May £62 + VAT
Health and Safety in the Workplace
Level 2 Award
9 May £75 + VAT
Identifying and Controlling Food Allergy Risks
Level 2 Award
13 June £62 + VAT
Infection Prevention and Control
(Care Certificate Standard 15)
7 April
14 June
£27.50 + VAT
Learning Disabilities De-escalation and
Keeping Safe
19 May £37.50 + VAT
Moving and Handling Expert Evaluator 20 June
27 June
£150 + VAT
Moving and Handling Expert Evaluator Refresher 20 June £75 + VAT
Moving and Handling Induction
(Care Certificate Standard 13.3)
20 April
16 June
£50 + VAT
Moving and Handling Refresher 7 April
18 May
14 June
£35 + VAT
Paediatric First Aid  (2 day course) 18 - 19 April
25 - 26 May
£100 + VAT
Safeguarding Adults Basic Awareness
(Care Certificate Standard 10)
11 April
8 June
£26 + VAT
Safeguarding Adults Basic MCA/DoLS Awareness 11 April
8 June
£35 + VAT

Please note, all courses can also be delivered at your own venue to a group of your team members. Please contact us for more details and pricing information.

Kind regards,

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