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Happy new year!

We are very excited to see in a new year and are looking forward to our second term.  We have a larger and more functional outdoor space and have some new resources on order.  We are also looking forward to welcoming new members to our Play B C family.

Thank you

It was good to see so many families at the Christmas production.  We are very proud of the children and hope you enjoyed it too.  Thank you for all the Christmas gifts and wishes, which were much appreciated. We hope you had a restful and enjoyable break.  
Is your child is ready for toilet training?

Some children show they are ready for toilet training around two, for others it can be around three or later and night time control may not be reliable until as late as eight.  Getting the timing right is key, as rushing it may actually end up taking longer in the end.  It’s also important to avoid starting toilet training at the same time as other transitions or life events.   Things to look out for are:  interest in others using the toilet
  • dry nappies for two hours or more
  • announcing a wee or poo, especially beforehand
  • disliking or trying to take off a wet or dirty nappy
  • interest in wearing underwear
  • being able to pull clothing up and down
  • being able to sit and rise comfortably

If you feel your child is ready decide whether to use the potty or a toilet, but make sure that he or she can rest their feet firmly on the floor or on a stool otherwise it’s difficult for them to relax their muscles enough to go.  You can schedule sitting times and act fast if you notice them wriggling or holding themselves to get them to recognise the signs.  Remind boys about a little shake and girls about wiping front to back.  Of course make sure everyone washes their hands afterwards. 

We will encourage children to use the potties we have here at preschool, but if your child won’t sit on anything other than their own potty, we are happy for you to bring it in.  Also let us know what words you use at home so that we can reinforce them.  Some parents like pull-ups and some prefer to go straight to pants.  Once you go for it, try to send your child in wearing clothing that they can manage easily.  

Some people don’t recommend rewards, but we find them helpful and use stickers, you will know what works best with your child.  Getting to flush the toilet is often a good incentive as is getting to choose new underwear.  Whatever happens stay positive and shrug accidents off, however frustrating they may be.   If you find child just is not ready, try again in a few months.

Dairy dates 

06/01/15: First day of term
15/01/15:  Parents' evening October starters16:00-17:00
February tbc: Parent workshops
16/02/15 - 20/02/15: Half term
17/03/15: Parents' evening September starters 16:00-17:00
19/03/15: Parents' evening January starters 16:00-17:00
27/03/15: Last day of term

What are we learning?
Our theme for the first Spring half term is hot and cold.  We plan to learn about the seasons and different environments and habitats.  Please let us know if there are any interests your child has, for example Frozen, the Arctic, the desert or Mars, so that we can incorporate them into the planning.

Learning links 

We often refer to different types of pencil grip in our observations.  If you are wondering what this means or would like more information check out the link below.  It explains the importance of upper body strength for writing and the stages of grip that children progress through in the early years.
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